Voyeurism – When He Watches Me

If you ever wondered who the random dudes in my Fantasy Friday posts are, you should read the first post in which they appeared, On Display. I think it highlighted one of my kinks which is exhibitionism and in a way, it also brought up voyeurism. THE LAW OF KINK Clay Calvert wrote about Voyeurism and Exhibitionism in The Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice. He stated that both can constitute as psychological issues and criminal offenses. The way he defined these two kinks was as a non-consensual act. Jonathan Metzl wrote the article, From Scopophilia to Survivor: A Brief History of Voyeurism. He states the following, “Reading against the assumption, common in social science literature, that there are distinct forms of ‘pathological’ and ‘normal’ voyeurism, I argue that medical and popular notions of voyeurism developed in relation to one another in ways that help explain their configuration in the […]

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