Sinful Sunday

I grew up a church girl. I reluctantly went to church every Sunday. Rolled my eyes multiple times during service. The truth is, I never felt like I belonged. I always felt like an outsider; they didn’t include me when they would hangout. No wonder I developed a strong distaste for the church. The church is like high school; it’s full of cliques. Many claim to be better than non-Christians, but it’s honestly where I feel the most judged. They preach about not judging others, but judgment comes down hardest from them. I’ve gone through phases where I would leave the church for a few years then come back. I don’t think this is one of those phases. I think I’m so irritated with the hypocrisy that I just want to stay far away. The church has hurt me far more than any guy ever has. After my ex raped […]

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