His Submissive – A Collar Around My Heart

I decided to participate in Lillith Avir’s new meme, No True Way. The first prompt is, “Whether worn or not, a collar is never off.” I think when you have a partner in a D/s relationship, whether the submissive has a physical collar or not, the behaviors/lifestyle should be reflected as though a physical collar is present. SUBMISSIVE FROM A DISTANCE In D/s relationships, collars are normally worn by the submissive to indicate their status in relationship to a Dominant. Essentially, collars are the wedding rings of D/s relationships. That being said, collars show that the submissive belongs to or is being considered by a Dominant. It is basically telling other Dominants to go find their own submissive haha. Being in a long distance relationship means that there is no collar. Even if I were to see Sir, it would probably only be for a day or night. The only […]

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