Love In His Body Language

“Body language is a silent orchestra, as people constantly give clues to what they’re thinking and feeling.” – Psychology Today Body language includes facial expressions, body gestures (kinesics), space (proxemics), touch (haptics), and eye contact (oculesics). Most of our communication relies on body language. In a long distance relationship, we often can’t rely on body language to get to know each other. We lack the ability to touch each other. That physical intimacy cannot be relied upon. With Sir, body language is not used to get to know him. All we have are texts. But with lover, it’s all about body language. For the past couple of months, I’ve been trying to figure out if lover is actually in love with me. I thought I’d take a look at his body language and analyze what it could all be saying. FACIAL EXPRESSIONS I’ve seen a range of facial expressions when […]

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