sass c.

Hello world! I am sass c. Of course my name is a pen name that I thought long and hard about. I originally thought of using sassy cassie, but it seemed as though many people with the name Cassie used it. So being a sassy submissive, I decided to go with sass c. It’s all lower case because I felt it was more aesthetically pleasing. Even in the vanilla world, I think my name looks better in lower case.

Anyway, enough about the technicalities. Who is sass c? Well, I am a thirty something Japanese American submissive woman. Blogging isn’t my profession and any content I put out there is free of charge. But if I ever finish my novel, it will come at a bit of a cost. I mean a girl’s got to eat, right? My actual profession is an office job and I work a lot of hours.

The Sassy Sub Daily

The Sassy Sub Daily was launched on January 14, 2020. It was literally a month after I had become a submissive to Sir. Sir had suggested that I start the blog to write sex toy reviews and while I have written a few, my blog became more so about life being his submissive while dating another man.

Unfortunately, my relationship with Sir ended in August 2020. After eight months of being his submissive, he ghosted me. The blog is going through a bit of a transition at the moment. Life gets a bit confusing when you’re not exactly sure who you are anymore.

Stay tuned for more changes as there are new things in store for the new year.

Who I Am As A Writer

Sex, dating, kink, culture, and lifestyle are some of the topics my blog covers. It may be in the form of fiction, poetry, or just my thoughts, research or experiences on a topic.

There is definitely a new project in the works and I hope it will allow for others to learn a bit more about each other.

What Would You Like To See?

I generally like to write what I feel, but I am always open to topical suggestions. So what would you like to see more of on here?

Are you a sex toy company looking for reviews? Or are you looking for someone to help market your brand’s line of lingerie? Maybe you have a book that you want a review for more exposure? If any of those apply, please send an inquiry to

sass c.

Updated October 14, 2020