sass c. is my name. I am a submissive and I belong to Sir who I also refer to as R.U. Smith, Mr. Smith, or Delicious Dom sometimes.

I’ve always loved writing, but I am by no means a professional writer. I suffered from writer’s block for over a decade. Sir inspired me to write again. I wrote my first piece the morning I became his sub.

Sir has helped me cope with my past misfortunes in dating. He has helped me work through being abused and raped.

I write what I am feeling. I write about experiences. I write about questions that cross my mind. I write erotic poetry. And I write erotic fiction in the form of fantasies.

Every Friday is #fantasyfriday. I post a new fantasy piece or part of a series of a fantasy every Friday. They are written in first person and revolve around my desires about my Dom.