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A Library To Remember

One movie that never gets old for me is A Walk to Remember. But what would it look like if it was A Library to Remember? Maybe, it looks like your library fantasy.

Edward Henderson never really had a reason to go to the library. In fact, it’s the last place you’d ever find him. His reasoning was, “Why look for a book, when you could easily download it on your tablet?” The library didn’t have too many incentives as the librarian who was always there should have retired decades ago. Saggy boobs and dentures weren’t really Edward’s thing.

But one day, Charlie, Edward’s sister stopped by and asked him to babysit her daughter for the day. “Uncle Eddie?”

“Yes, Sammy?”

“Can we go to the library today? I want to read books.”

“Um you can read them on my tablet.”

“But your house is so boring!”

“Fine! Let’s go!”

Edward was forced to go to the library for the first time in over a year.

Sammy ran through the library looking at a vast array of books while Edward stood closer to the entrance. He had no interest in looking at the books, but then something caught his attention.

In one of the aisles, was a woman in a black pencil skirt that hugged her curves and a light pink blouse that showed a bit of her bra. She bent over to put some books away and Edward saw right up her skirt. No panties…Edward had to readjust himself realizing that it had gotten quite stiff in his pants.

He was in his own little world, fantasizing about what it would be like to take her from behind as she bent over the shelf. Little did he realize that Sammy had returned with her selection of books and the librarian was standing right in front of him.

“Sir, is this it for you?” Edward stayed silent as he hadn’t snapped out of his fantasy.

“Uncle Eddie!” Sammy screamed and the librarian told her to keep her voice down.

Edward finally snapped out of it. He looked up to see the librarian staring straight at him. She was young. In fact, she was a lot younger than the women he normally found himself in bed with. But he couldn’t help but want her.

“Oh, um yeah. This is all.” Edward handed the librarian his library card and her hand brushed against his. Once again, his cock hardened and he had to keep it hidden.

The librarian looked at Sammy. “Okay sweetie, the books are due in two weeks from today.”

Sammy smiled and gave the librarian a hug. “Thank you, Miss Sienna!”

Edward rushed Sammy out of the library as he didn’t want Sienna to see what was going on in his pants.

“Uncle Eddie?”


“Are you in love with Miss Sienna?”

“Uh no! What! Why do you ask?”

“Well, your face turned bright red when she was talking to you. Mommy says that means you’re in love.”

“Uh no! It was just hot in there!”

“No, it wasn’t. It was so cold! Can we get some hot cocoa?”

“Oh yeah. Sure.”

Edward got Sammy some hot cocoa and went home. He was relieved that she didn’t bring up Sienna again.

After Charlie picked Sammy up, he began to think about Sienna again. He decided to look her up and found a few photos of her. One photo was taken at a bachelorette party and she was wearing a rather skimpy dress. Edward started fantasizing about her again wondering what she’d be like in bed.

The next morning, Edward made a mad dash to the library. He needed to see Sienna again. There she was in a little black dress and thick rimmed glasses. Glasses never looked this sexy before.

Sienna caught him gazing at her. “You know it’s rude to gawk at people!”

Edward was once again back to reality. “Oh um, I must have zoned out. A lot on my mind. Sorry.”

She chuckled and flipped her hair behind her. It mustered up the scent of a chocolatey mint. No one was at the library yet so Sienna sat with Edward for a bit. They talked for a while then Edward would go back home to work. Edward was a freelance software engineer so he could work from pretty much anywhere.

This pattern continued for several days. He would go to the library in the morning then work on his projects later. One day, the library was still closed. Edward sat there for about an hour when Sienna finally walked up to the library.

“I’m so sorry. My car broke down and I had to walk here.”

“Oh no! You should’ve called me and asked for a ride. Oh wait…you don’t have my number. Here, give me your number and I’ll text you so you have my number.”

“555-493-8220.” Sienna smiled.

“Well, I’m going to run home and grab my laptop then I’ll be back.”

“Wait. Why?”

“You shouldn’t walk home alone in the dark. So I figured I get some work done here and give you a ride home later.”

“That’s not necessary. I wouldn’t want you to go out of your way.”

“It’s not a problem. I’ll be back in a few.”

Edward grabbed his stuff and returned to the library. He got through a portion of his project, but kept getting distracted as he watched Sienna move about the library. Sienna knew he was staring at her so being the naughty little minx she was, she winked at him flirtatiously.

The day ended and Edward drove Sienna home. He walked her to her front door. “I’ve been wanting to do this for quite some time. Hopefully, you don’t get mad.”

“Do what?”

Edward kissed Sienna and his hands groped her ass. The kiss had gotten him quite horny. Sienna pulled her face back and laughed. “Looks someone’s a little excited there.”

He was confused about what she was talking about. Then Sienna’s hand reached down to rub his crotch. “Oh haha. Yeah um. Sorry.”

She shook her head and pulled him inside her house. They head toward her bedroom and clothes went flying. His head was buried in her pussy as he lapped up all of her juices. Moans of pleasure escaped her lips.

Edward fucked Sienna all night long. They only took breaks to snack in between rounds. He was quite surprised about the sex with Sienna. He was in his 50s and she was in her late 20s. Edward wasn’t used to the crazy sex drive of a young woman. She was rather flexible in bed and he fucked in positions he could only dream of before.

In the morning, Edward drove Sienna back to the library. Still feeling the lasting hormones from the night. He pushed her up against a bookshelf, lifted her skirt and took her from behind.

“Oh Edward! Don’t stop! Harder! Fuck me harder!” Sienna screamed. Books started falling off the shelf. Moments later, she orgasmed like never before. Sienna was panting, trying to catch her breath as Edward continued to pound his cock into her pussy until he came.

Edward and Sienna fixed their clothing and cleaned up the books they knocked over. He may have never been one too fond of the library, but this was certainly a library to remember.

sass c.

Wicked Wednesday

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  1. Sounds like a library I’d like to visit!

  2. Love that quick fuck ending!

  3. Sex in the stacks. Fun story, Sass, nice way to start my morning.

  4. Libraries seem to be quite inspiring places, or it must be the librarians 😉
    Sexy story, Sass!
    ~ Marie

  5. Have always wanted to get laid in a library – all the more so after reading this!

  6. Sexy story and sexy image to go with!

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