Wicked Wednesday

An Impulsive Task Master

I’ve never been much of an impulsive person. There aren’t too many impulse purchases. Most things in my life are well thought out. But CL gave me a task that I wasn’t expecting.

An Impulsive Task

Over the weekend, CL gave me a task. He said that if I didn’t do it, there’d be a punishment. CL doesn’t normally give me tasks so it seemed very impromptu, but much to his benefit.

I wasn’t feeling too well myself this weekend so I put off the task until late at night.

I sent him the first one and he said he thought his naughty girl was going to misbehave and not do her task. Being the naughty girl I am, I asked, “What would happen if I misbehaved?” Since CL isn’t here, he wouldn’t be able to spank me so he said he withhold cock from me.

Working Through the Task

I sent him the second photo about an hour later.

CL was starting to get a bit more excited. I was only wearing a bra at this point so he got a glimpse of my pussy in the photo. If CL could, he’d probably have me wearing next to nothing or nothing at all 24/7. It makes him hard.

The Last Image

Then I sent the third photo. CL didn’t respond for a bit.

But this wasn’t the only photo CL to got to see. I pulled my bra down so he could see my bare tit. He normally gets even more horny when he sees my nipples.

I waited for CL to get excited, but then he said he wasn’t feeling well. It made me a bit sad because I don’t want CL to be sick.

In the morning, I sent him more nudes. Hours went by and he was silent. I got worried. Impulsively, I texted him on every single platform because I was scared that he might be really sick. I guess that’s another bad thing about being apart…the worry for him not knowing how he is.

Knowing how he was feeling, I didn’t want him to strain himself. But I guess he was feeling a bit better because I mentioned kissing him and he got horny. It led to an impulsive sexting session which may have been his cure.

sass c.

Wicked Wednesday

sass c.

i'm just your average girl with a dirty mind. young, asian and submissive...does that pique your interest? constantly in a battle with myself whether to stay confined by my cultural values or to break free like the freak i am.

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  1. “Not feeling well” is a scary message to get in these bizarre times; I don’t blame you for trying every possible avenue to get through to him — in your shoes (or should I say “in your bra”?) I would have done the same.

    I hope all is well.

    1. He told me not to worry, but unless you can see them with your own two eyes, it’s does raise concern. Things that go through your mind…”Will I get to see him? Is he really going to be okay? Maybe if I was there, he’d get better quicker.” He’s doing better now, but I was scared the first couple of days.

  2. I can totally understand your panic when you heard he’s not feeling well, and then it really sucks when you are apart. I hope both of you are feeling better, and can keep up your sexy, impulsive shenanigans 😉
    ~ Marie

    1. He is doing better now…thankfully. He doesn’t like when I’m not well and I don’t like it when he’s not well. I think we’ve developed a sense of care for one another.

  3. What a fun task to be assigned!

    1. Definitely…I hope he gives me more.

  4. Long distance relationships leave your anxieties over your lover on a rollercoaster!! <3

    1. That’s for sure. I can’t wait until the distance is not so far and I can be with him in person.

  5. I’m sure he is feeling better with that medicine, Sass.

    1. Do you take a similar medicine? If so, which one works the quickest? 😜

  6. lovely bras sass! CL is a luck guy
    May x

    1. Thank you. I hope to make him a very happy man too.

  7. Glad it turned out he was ok. Gorgeous bras by the way 😊

    1. Thank you. I was so relieved. I would be devastated if he wasn’t.

  8. I’m jealous of all your lovely bras. Mine are strictly for function. lol

    1. Haha. I have several strictly for function. That seems to be all I had until CL came into my life. He likes lingerie so the need for something that was more sexy arose lol.

      1. Cheers to reasons for sexy lingerie!!!

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