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Japanese and Sexual Behavior

When I visited Japan, I was told that the population was unbalanced. The older generation outnumbered the younger generation and the birth rate was significantly lower than the death rate. They weren’t getting married and they really weren’t having sex.

Japanese Virgins

Premarital sex is not as common in Japan as it is in western countries. Most couples don’t live together before marriage and there isn’t a whole lot of privacy living with your parents. If you’ve ever seen a traditional Japanese home, you’d know that the walls are paper thin. I mean this in a literal sense as the doors to rooms in this type of house is a paper slider. So how could you possibly have sex under your parents’ roof without getting caught?

Japanese law also doesn’t recognize fathers of children born out of wedlock. Divorce is highly taboo in Japanese culture and marriage has a lot to do with the family you come from. So younger people aren’t exactly having a whole lot of sex.

Japanese Americans and Sex

I think many of us are told not to have premarital sex. And I think many Japanese American did avoid premarital sex in the past to appease their parents, but now, we are very Americanized and it often boils down to religious beliefs.

But I’m not certain about Japanese American sexual behavior as there is very little research on the topic available. Seeing the lack of Asian American sex bloggers, I think maybe we follow suit of our motherlands. Maybe Asian Americans are just as sexually frustrated as Asians in Asia.

Enjo Kosai

But I’m different than a lot of Asians. I really like sex and I guess I’m a bit open about it.

Maybe the Japanese would see me as a part of something called Enjo Kosai. It’s like compensated dating. And some may see it as a voluntary form of prostitution. I guess the equivalent in western cultures would be the relationship between a sugar daddy and a sugar baby.

Enjo Kosai is where the older men pretty much spoil the young girl in exchange for companionship and sexual favors.

Perhaps outsiders see me in this way because I’ve had several sexual relationships with older men. CL is older and he has bought me things (sexual things), but that’s not the reason I strip for him. Even without the gifts, I was horny for him and wanted to be with him.

Speaking of which, I lost a game to him so I must go now and let him watch me masturbate. He may say he’s not a Dom, but I’ll submit to him anyway.

sass c

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  1. howie1320 says:

    I have wondered about gay sex in japan if there is such tight resrictions on dateing.
    Love your insight sass❤

  2. This was an interesting insight into practices in Japan and for those in other countries who follow the old ways.

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