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Men and Machismo

When I was a teenager, I used to watch a lot of Asian dramas. I would root for the girl to end of with a certain guy and sometimes, I found the fairy tale boy in the dramas to be rather dreamy. But I guess I’m like many other Asian girls and find more machismo to be a turn on.

Asian Eye Candy

Asian dramas tend to feature a lot of ‘pretty boys’ as much of society refers them as. Don’t get me wrong, there are Asian guys that I do find attractive, but I need more than just eye candy.

The boys in Asian dramas tend to lack facial hair, are normally slim, and have some sort of trendy hairstyle. This physique tends to be a turn off for me. It’s fine to look at on TV, but dating someone like this would make me feel insecure. Let’s be real, I’m a big girl and oftentimes, I feel like an elephant standing next to Asian ‘pretty boys’ and I guess it’s more a reflection on my own body image than anything else.

Passive Is A No Go

I find the passiveness to be a turn off and in the Asian dramas, it’s often countless episodes of the man pretending he can’t stand the girl. Seems like he’s too chicken to admit his feelings and make a move.

As a submissive woman, I need someone who asserts that dominance and presents themselves confidently. The passivity seen in the depiction of many males in Asian dramas doesn’t get me too excited. Maybe the media is the one to blame for this stereotype.

Machismo and the Media

Going back to Asian women’s opinion on the men in Asian dramas, an article was written that explored this topic. The article was public in an academic journal, but I can’t exactly remember what it was called. But it stated that Asian women found the men in the dramas to be eye candy, but not the type of men they’d marry. They explained that they wanted someone who was more manly.

I guess that’s where I lie as well. PCOS makes me feel rather manly at times and maybe that’s why it’s more of a turn on when the guy is manly. There’s a bigger sense of comfort when I’m standing next to someone who doesn’t make me feel manly in comparison.

sass c.

This post was not meant to reflect an internalized racism, but was meant to explore the depiction of men in Asian dramas as it correlates to turn ons and turn offs.

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Wicked Wednesday

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  1. I am right there with you, Sass, I prefer a manly-man, not so much in looks, but most definitely in actions. I need the dominance 🙂
    ~ Marie

  2. Agreed…pretty boys are not for me. Give me a big strapping man who knows what to do with his hands 🙂

  3. howie1320 says:

    You may think it strange but I LOVE asian drama’s even with having to read subtitles. I have seen a few young asian couples as tourists and the guys were pale thin and weak.

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