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The Phantomess of the Night

Halloween is near the song that’s been playing in my head is The Phantom of the Opera. Of course, it’s the Tarja Turunen version and it inspired these photos and story.


With locks of chestnut hair and icy cold eyes, Lysandra sang her sorrows until the day she died. She was alone for many years; widowed at the age of 23. Her late husband was much older than she, but nevertheless, she loved him dearly.

Tierney was a wealthy man, but worked too much in his younger years to start a family. When he met Lysandra, he was amazed by her beauty. He had fallen ill at work and his business partner took him home to help care for him. His business partner had a daughter, who just so happens to be Lysandra. She was 19 at the time.

Lysandra nursed Tierney back to health and it was in her kindness toward him that made him fall in love. At first, the feelings were not mutual as she wanted to be pursued by men her own age, but her father pushed her into a marriage with Tierney knowing he would be able to provide for her.

On the night of their wedding, he disrobed her from her wedding dress. She stood there with her head down as she had been taught to be obedient toward men. Tierney looked at her naked body with lust in his eyes. He laid her down and asked if it was okay to proceed. She nodded her head and said yes timidly.

He made love to her for the first time.

A few months later, Tierney got sick again. Lysandra did all that she could to care for him for a few years, but it simply wasn’t enough. At his death bed, she cried from her sorrow. She realized she loved him and didn’t want to live without him. Lysandra said, “I love you,” and caressed his cheek. And with that Tierney took his final breath.

A Song of Sorrows

A weeping widow stands at her husband’s gravesite. She stands there robed in black. Everyone has left, but she has been unable to move from the spot she is in. Nightfall begins to set in and she is left in the cemetery all by herself.

“Lysandra! Lysandra!” Voices grow louder. Her father sent out a search party when she didn’t come home.

Lysandra turns around and sees a boy in his teens. It’s Tierney’s great nephew, Erik. He always had a bit of crush on Lysandra, but he knew he didn’t stand a chance.

“We’ve been looking for you everywhere. Your dad is worried sick.”

Lysandra nods and follows Erik out of the cemetery where she is greeted by the rest of the search party.

She inherited her late husband’s fortune, but she returns to living with her father as she cannot bear to be alone. A few years later, her father dies as well. He had a fever that never went away until it ended up taking his life.

Lysandra had no more family. Her mother had died during childbirth and she was an only child. Tierney’s brother took her in as his wife needed help with the grandkids. But she was of no help as she grieved. Erik would often visit his grandparents and hear Lysandra singing in her room. She was ghostly and would roam the house at night in her wedding dress, weeping.

Erik was fascinated by her and cared for her. She became his inspiration for composing music until depression killed her on her 30th birthday. Lysandra died from a broken heart.

A Phantomess is Born

Being his muse in life, she continued to be his muse in death. Each time Erik sat at the piano to compose a song, Lysandra would appear wearing a black cloak and a red mask to hide her pain and sorrow from the world.

The first time she appeared, Erik was frightened. How could she be here when she was dead? He thought he was hallucinating so he went to bed. That night he dreamed of her and when he woke, he thought he saw her next to him in bed.

Lysandra began singing a song full of sorrow and Erik composed the music to go with it. Night after night, he would repeat this process. It seemed to those around him that he was going mad.

When he slept he saw her, when he was awake, he wanted to sleep. Being in his 20s, she was no longer off limits and he felt like he could lust for her. Erik was consumed by the phantomess.

Needless to say, he was haunted by great uncle’s wife. But it was a haunting he welcomed as he still found her beautiful and she inspired a lot of his biggest hits. The affair went on for years until one night, Erik left a candle burning and the house caught on fire.

The Phantom of the Opera

Erik’s face was badly burned and disfigured. His house burned town and the piano was destroyed. He was ashamed of his face so he ran off to the opera house and hid. When he played the piano, Lysandra no longer appeared.

The piano that was destroyed belonged to his great uncle Tierney. Lysandra’s spirit was attached to the last thing of Tierney’s that existed in this world. When it was destroyed in the fire, her spirit left this world and was reunited with the man she loved.

Erik grew distraught over losing his muse and the disgusting look of his face. The Phantomess of the Night had been freed. Then one day, Christine Daae walked out on stage and sang. Hearing that her voice was much like Lysandra’s, he began to compose again. And here you have the Phantom of the Opera.

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  1. This was fun to read and a nice story, Sass. You have an believable style when telling fantasy.

    I’ve seen the Phantom twice in Chicago when it first came out and recently in Seattle. You did justice to the story. I just watched the Tarja Turunen Nightwish video. Wow, that would have been something to see, and I can see your Phantomess images coming right out of that.

    1. Thank you Elliott! I wish I could see the Phantom of the Opera. I really like the songs from that musical.

  2. I love the Phantom of the Opera. Nice story, Sass!
    ~ Marie

    1. Thanks Marie! It’s my favorite musical.

  3. Lovely story with amazing pictures

    1. Thank you.

  4. Your pictures on this post are the bomb! You look fantastic! The story is really enticing too! Thank you for inking your post to Sexy Halloween!

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