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Haunted By The Desperation To Be Loved

There once was a girl named Sage. Her beauty was incomparable to any other who walked the earth. But she thought no one loved her so she despised happy couples and secretly cursed them. 

In her anger, her beauty withered away and she became a haggard witch who roams the earth to this day. For centuries, Sage places curses on happy couples. She caused breakups, divorces, cheating, and misery.

It is said that Sage had a daughter, named Clary, before she was cursed to an eternity as an ugly witch. Her daughter was mortal and lived with her father. He was a poor man, but did the best he could to provide for Clary. Sage abandoned her in fear that her own daughter could not love her. 

But she watched from afar even as a witch. Sage could see that Clary’s father loved her more than anything in the world. She was jealous until she realized that Clary was never able to comprehend such love. 

Generation after generation, the daughters turned out to be the same way. Perhaps, it was a curse they bore from their matriarch’s ways. Desperation to be loved was what haunted each of them the most so they fucked anyone who looked their way. Even so, Sage continued to curse happy couples. She was not only jealous of them, but despised them for having the lives her daughter, granddaughter and all her female descendants could have had. 


Sage looks into her crystal ball and sees her current female descendant, Scarlet. The vision she saw was not one she hoped for. With each generation, she hoped something would change, but it was always the same. There Scarlet was sending the same nudes to ten different guys at the same time.

It’s such a shame that Scarlet will turn out just like all the matriarchs in her family. Haunted by the desperation to be loved. But Scarlet is not like all the women in the past because she is the spitting image of Sage before she had become a witch. 

Sage could not watch her reflection become like her. She took pity on Scarlet and decided to teach her a lesson in the form of a curse. 

Bone of my bone
Flesh of my flesh
You are the daughter
Born of the night
Lustful eyes
The essence of dusk
You shall live
Cursed to cum
Find the man
Who’s so swollen it hurts
And cure your thirst


It’s 2020 and Scarlet is about to turn 30 on Halloween. She lives with a dark secret. When she turned 25 years old, something unusual began to happen. Out of nowhere, she would orgasm. It didn’t matter where she was, who she was with or what she was doing. It happened at work when she was in the file room. She experienced it while out to dinner with her grandparents. The phenomenon scared her and deterred her from having sex. 

Every October since her 25th birthday, she’d have recurring dreams or nightmares, I should say. There was a woman full of sorrow or maybe she was a witch cloaked in black. She’d always repeat the same thing.

Bone of my bone
Flesh of my flesh
You are the daughter
Born of the night
Lustful eyes
The essence of dusk
You shall live
Cursed to cum
Find the man
Who’s so swollen it hurts
And cure your thirst

Scarlet would also see a glimpse of a man jacking off, but who couldn’t get off. Immediately, Scarlet started having an orgasm. Could it be that she orgasmed whenever this man masturbated?

Each year, it was the same man in her dreams, but there were slight differences in his appearance. And every time she saw him, her orgasms were even more powerful than usual. Was he real or was she delusional?


October 1, 2020…the dreams have started once again and her spontaneous orgasms have only gotten worse. Just the other day, she squirted while she was doing squats at the gym. Scarlet was so embarrassed as everyone thought she peed in her pants.

Not knowing when the spontaneous orgasms would happen, Scarlet hasn’t had sex in five years. Everyone thinks being able to orgasm so much is amazing, but this sort of orgasm is not sexy at all. 

After five years of living like this, Scarlet thinks she’s doomed to an eternity like this. But not being able to have sex all the time left her with more opportunities to get to know the people around her. Of course, she still kept her naughty social media profiles and there were plenty of nudes of her on the internet. 

She even started chatting with a man named Theo. He was the first man she didn’t jump into bed with right away. Scarlet felt bad that she couldn’t have sex with him, but he never pressured her. Theo and Scarlet went on real dates, even though she was scared that she would orgasm in front of him and he’d run off. 

It’s now October 23 and Scarlet can’t stand to be apart from Theo. She goes over to his house to cook dinner for their date. After dinner, they watch Netflix and cuddle on the couch. For the first time, she decides to stay overnight. 

She strips from her clothing and gets into his bed, but still they don’t have any sex. They cuddle while they sleep and this night, Scarlet’s dream changes. The man is no longer jacking off and she doesn’t have an orgasm. Instead, she’s herself lying in bed with Theo’s arms wrapped around her. Suddenly the witch’s voice screams, “CONSUMMATE AND CURE YOUR THIRST!”

Scarlet springs up from the bed and looks over to see Theo. His face is twisted and full of pain. Her eyes wander his body and they land on his cock. She’s never seen a man get that swollen before. But it was just a dream, it couldn’t be real. She feels the bed and it’s still dry. Normally, by this point of the night, she’s wet the bed from her squirt.

Scarlet goes back to sleep, but when she awakes, Theo is stroking his cock while admiring her body. In an instant, Scarlet squirts all over the bed. Embarrassed, she throws on her clothes and runs out of there.


It’s been a week since the incident in Theo’s bed. He’s tried to call Scarlet multiple times, but she keeps sending him to voicemail. It’s October 30th, exactly one year since they started dating. At 8pm, he shows up at Scarlet’s house with a bouquet of flowers, a bottle of wine, and the perfect ingredients for a bubble bath.

He knocked on her door and she opened it for him. “Happy Anniversary Scar! May I come in?”

Scarlet moves out of the doorway to let Theo in. He hands her the flowers and walks toward the kitchen to grab the wine glasses. 

“Why did you run out the other day?”

“Oh um I made a mess of your bed.” 

He walks out of the kitchen and pulls her into him. “Oh that’s okay, hun. How about a bubble bath?”

She nods her head and he draws a bath. They both get in with their wines glasses in hand. Her back sinks against his chest and he kisses her forehead. 

“I have to tell you something. I’m a bit embarrassed by it.” Theo looks at her inquisitively. 

“For the past five years, I spontaneously orgasm no matter where I am, what I’m doing, or who I am with. Every night, I wet the bed from my squirt except the night we spent together. In October, I have recurring dreams of a witch putting a curse on me. She said I had to find the man who’s so swollen it hurts and consummate to cure my thirst. The man in my dream is always unable to cum. You must think I’m weird, but it’s why we haven’t had sex yet.”

Theo chuckles and Scarlet fears he will now leave her. 

“I have a bit of a secret myself. It’s not just you, it’s me. I’ve been hesitant to have sex because I’m unable to cum.” 

Scarlet ponders what he just said. Is the curse real? And is Theo the cure?

They get out of the bath and head to Scarlet’s bedroom. Theo climbs on top of Scarlet and begins kissing her. Being their one year anniversary, they decide to have sex. At the stroke of midnight, Theo cums inside of Scarlet. It’s the first time he’s cum in years.

In an instant, the witch appears in the bedroom. Theo and Scarlet scurry to cover up. The witch’s ugly shell began to melt away and before Scarlet’s eyes stood her ancestor, Sage. Sage was beautiful once again and it was like looking in a mirror. They were identical.

Cursed no more
It’s not like before
Loved is she
He was the key

Sage vanished away. And Theo and Scarlet lived happily together for the rest of their days.

sass c

A very special thank you to Elliott for letting me use his sexy image for this post.

4 Thoughts Or Fiction
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  1. Wow sass that was so intresting! Had me thinking the whole time🤔

    1. Thanks Howie! I had part of the story in my head for a while, but didn’t know how to get to that point. I wrote it and deleted it. Rewrote it, then deleted it again. I must have rewritten it five times before posting.

  2. This was quite the story, Sass. I was wondering where you were going with that poem. Your images are brilliant, as our Brit friends would say. I’m glad those two finally had sex and Sage was released.

    1. Thank El! And thanks again for the photo. It would have been hard for me to illustrate him jacking off as I don’t have the right equipment 😜.

  3. I knew that was Elliott the moment I saw the erection lol
    Fascinating story Sass and your images were perfect for the tale
    May x

    1. Hahaha. I asked him if he thought people could recognize him just by looking at his cock. He said that there may be a few.

      1. lol – he does make me laugh! I do have a few posts on my blog where his pic is in the header

  4. Great story, and I’m happy there was a forever ever after 😄

    1. Thank you. I had no idea how I got there with the story haha. Much like most of what I write…it ended up writing a completely different ending than I thought I would write.

  5. Like May, I instantly recognized Elliott 😉
    Great story, Sass, and I love the images you have added. It makes me want to look for a crystal ball for images of my own.
    ~ Marie

    1. Haha at this point, I think everyone recognizes Elliott’s dick pics. I guess Elliott’s cock is famous lol.

      The crystal ball I used was from Amazon. It’s battery powered and has a switch on the bottom to turn the lights on.

  6. That is a fab story, Sass! I loved the idea and it turned quite sexy! And your pictures are wonderful, as always! Thanks so much for linking it to the Sexy Halloween meme!

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