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The Shit List – The Savage Sexcapade Chronicles (Chapter 10)

Masks and blindfolds are definitely used in BDSM, but they aren’t exclusive to BDSM. The Tell Me About prompt is about masks and blindfolds so I thought I’d jump ahead in the telling of my dating/sex life. Chapter 10 had to do with an experience with blindfolds. This was also the same encounter that used the flogger on me as I wrote about in the last Tell Me About post. Don’t worry, I’ll post the other chapters later.

Chapter 10 – Exploring Fantasy Land

When I had joined getDare, I was still a virgin. I was curious about sex and the world of BDSM. I did a couple of dares (FYI…the dares were better back then. They didn’t involve all of this blackmail shit back then). Then one day this “girl” messaged me asking if I would be her slave. I freaked out a bit and left getDare until earlier this year (which is over 6 years since the last time I was here). At that time, I didn’t really know what I would like. I enjoy being naked, but in the privacy of my own room haha. I wouldn’t have known if I enjoyed choking, biting, rough sex in general because I was still a virgin. I knew for a fact that I wasn’t a lesbian, but I always thought that I was straight. Being asked to be a “girl’s” slave was something I was uncomfortable with. Who knew I was actually into girls too…haven’t done anything with a girl, but that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t try.

Anyway, returning to my story…I met another guy on an anonymous app. He was about 15-16 years older than me and a Jewish white man. He had posted something about girls who don’t suck cock. I had commented on his post saying something about me sucking cock more than having sex. He was immediately intrigued and asked me to start a chat with him. We had chatted on the app for a bit then exchanged numbers. He actually lived in the same county as me so if we chose to do something, it would be feasible.

We texted for several weeks. He definitely wanted to fuck me, but the way he talked to me sounded like he wanted more. He kept talking about buying a house for us to live in that was near my office. To this day, I still don’t quite understand him haha. 

I had told him my fantasy at the time. I wanted to be tied to the bed and fucked as I laid there helplessly. I wanted to be his sex toy. I wanted him to use me.

He was so turned on by my fantasy that he decided to share his as well. He didn’t want me to know what he looked like before he fucked me. I hadn’t seen any photos of him, but he knew what I looked like. 

Texting turned into late night phone calls and sometimes even video chats. He’d tell me how horny he was for me. He’d want me to play with myself while on the phone with him or so that he could watch me. Every time, I was successful in getting him to shoot a giant load just with my moaning. Dudes…phone sex is so phony. I was making up the whole damn thing. The only time I was actually playing with myself was when I was on video.

A couple months had gone by and we were still talking daily. One morning, he texted me, telling me to pack an overnight bag. He wasn’t entirely sure where he wanted me to meet him yet and he wasn’t entirely sure if we would actually meet that night. I packed my bag just in case, but the one thing I forgot to pack was my damn hairbrush…you’ll see why this is important later.

I went to work and he had been texting me throughout the day. He eventually told me to meet him at this boujee hotel that he booked a room at. He asked me to go grab dinner and pick something up for him before heading to the hotel. Once I parked, I texted him. He told me the room number and gave me instructions. 

His instructions were that there would be a bag hanging on the door handle of the room. I was to reach inside the bag and pull out the blindfold. I needed to put the blindfold on before knocking.

I told him that I really had to pee. So he told me to still do this and he would guide me into the bathroom.

I get to the room and do as he said. I put the blindfold on and knock on the door. He immediately opens the door, but doesn’t say a word. He grabs the bags in my hands and places them inside the room. Then he grabs me by the shoulders and leads me into the bathroom and places me in front of the toilet. He closed the door and told me it was safe to take off the blindfold. I took off the blindfold and did my business. I then washed my hands. He told me once my hands were washed that I needed to put the blindfold on again and call out to him. 

I did as he instructed. He once again grabbed me by the shoulders and guided me into the bedroom. He backed me up so that the back of my knees were touching the bed. He pushed me onto the bed and proceeded to roughly remove my clothing. I was completely naked and he pushed me further on the bed. He grabbed one hand and tied it to one post of the bed. He then grabbed the other hand and did the same. Once my arms were restrained, he did the same to my feet. I was tied to the bed spread eagle. 

The next thing I know, his balls are in my face. He demands that I lick and suck his balls. I do as he says. I got several pubes in my mouth as he doesn’t manscape. I was trying to get them out of my mouth, but then he shoved his cock into my mouth. He’s fucking my mouth vigorously. 

At this point, I still have no clue what he looks like. He removes his cock from my mouth then I hear him move away from the bed. I hear him rustling through some bags then suddenly…WHACK! He had whipped me with a flogger. It was on my right leg. He continued to whip me until I had a few welts on me. He moved away from the bed again and I heard more rustling. 

I heard what sounded like a package tearing so I assumed he was putting on a condom. Then I felt something cold being poured onto my pussy. He started using his fingers to spread the liquid around. It didn’t feel like a water based lube; it felt more like oil. His fingers were feeling around my pussy for a bit. I’m laying there moaning as there is not much else I can do. He’s teasing me. The bed shifted as I now felt his presence over me. His cock plunged into my pussy and I gasped.

My friends used to tell me that white guys were vanilla, but this guy was far from vanilla. He thrust into me hard, but wasn’t going deep enough. He got up and took off the restraints on my legs. He spread my legs further apart and began thrusting again. I had never been fucked like that before and I continued moaning. Up until that point, it was the best sex I had ever had. 

He didn’t want to cum as he said he had a hard time cumming multiple times (I don’t know why just about every guy I’ve been with can only nut once a day/every few days). He pulled out and freed one of my arms. He wanted me on my stomach. Once I was on my stomach, he brought the flogger out again. He used the flogger on my ass. I was yelping each time he hit me, but my pussy was also getting even wetter as it was such a turn on. 

He wanted me to flip over again. I did so, but in the process, the blindfold came off. When the blindfold was off, he was already hovering over me. That was the first time I had seen his face so he grabbed my face and said hi before crashing his lips onto mine. I still had one arm restrained. He untied my arm and laid on his back. He told me to ride him.

I rode him while his hands played with my boobs. I was moaning as pleasure filled me. The night was still young so he didn’t want to cum yet. He told me to stop and get off of him. He went out to eat his dinner and I stayed in bed for a bit trying to calm down from all the excitement. I then walked out as I was still completely naked. I stood in the doorway as he looked me up and down. He told me to let him finish eating then he’d fuck me again. 

I went to sit on the sofa to wait for him. He finished eating and walks over staring at me. He said he could just fuck on the couch with me looking as seductive as I did naked on the sofa. He ran back into the bedroom and came back out with a brand new vibrator. He instructed me to spread my legs. I did as he asked and he put that oil on my pussy. He handed me the vibrator and told me to fuck my pussy for him to watch. 

I moved the vibrator in and out of my pussy while looking him in the eye. He couldn’t wait any longer so he took the vibrator from me and pushed me back onto the couch. He began to fuck my pussy with his cock. 

He didn’t just want that hole so he pulled out. He made me get off the couch and leaned me over the coffee table. He put the oil on my ass hole then started to push his finger in. I gasped because it hurt a bit, but he was able to push his finger all the way in. He wasn’t satisfied with that so he decided to try to push his cock in. He just could not get his cock to go into my ass and it was causing me even more pain. He told me that we should call it a night and head to bed.

We both got into bed still naked from all of the fucking we did. He pulled me into his chest and cuddled me. I love being cuddled. I like when a guy pulls me close to him and holds me there. It makes me feel like I did a good job in a way. 

We fell asleep. The next morning, I woke up first. I stared at him for a bit and watched him sleep. It’s not so cute when you do it in person like they make it seem in the movies. 30 minutes go by and he’s still sleeping. I tried to fall asleep again, but I couldn’t. Now, it’s been an hour and I’m getting bored. I start running my fingers up and down his chest. He moans. I take a peak under the sheets and notice he’s getting hard again so I move my hand down to his cock and start stroking it. That sure woke him up as he grabbed my face to kiss me.

He’s waking up even more and tells me to suck his cock instead. I do this for a while. My pussy was wet so he told me to hump him. I straddled him as I began rocking back and forth. He wasn’t wearing a condom. There wasn’t supposed to be any penetration this time, but I had been straddling his lap. When his cock was really hard, it accidentally slipped in. He told me that he didn’t think he would cum again. Apparently, while I had been sleeping during the night, he had decided to jack off and cum in his own hand. We stopped and he left the room to draw a bath.

He told me to join him in the tub. We laid in the tub together for about 20 minutes. He had washed my body. When I got out, I realized that I didn’t have a brush and my hair was still dry. I had the worst sex hair in the world. It was a ratty mess haha.

It was time to checkout and I didn’t want to leave him. We were both still naked…making out in the window sill. He told me to get dressed so I did. He kissed me one last time and sent me on my way. I made that walk of shame all the way back to my car. 

I didn’t want to go home so I picked up my best friend and went to brunch instead. She was cracking up at my hair. I took a picture of myself and posted it saying “________ hair.” Luckily, most people thought it was beach hair hahaha. 

I still didn’t want to go home so we crashed another friend’s instead. We hung out and watched movies then went out that night. I really wanted him to fuck me again. 

The guys we had gone out with had asked where I was the night before. I said, “Umm a date?” They gave me a questioning look and I proceeded to say, “You know the kind that continues into the morning.” They started laughing and asking me, “Umm so when do we get that kind of date? We want to fuck an Asian girl so badly.” I told them that they would never be fucking me because I knew how many girls they had been with and I also knew some of those girls as well. I told them that I would never let their disease ridden sticks anywhere near my lady bits. 

To this day, I still talk to that guy…even though I had cut him off for over a year when he pissed me off. I’m still annoyed that he can’t make up his mind or keep his promises to me. He still wants to have sex with me, but always makes up an excuse as to why he can’t. Sometimes, I think he’s really married and that I’m just his side ho. 

The world will never know.

At the time I wrote this, I was still in contact with him. But it’s been nearly a year since I cut him off.

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  1. That black and white image is really beautiful, Sass. Interesting story, and experience. I sort of cringe when he pulled out the flogger, but I guess you talked about it before? Interesting that you are still talking to him 😉
    ~ Marie

    1. Thanks Marie! Yes, I talked about the flogging experience for the last Tell Me About prompt. As of last year when I originally wrote this, I was still talking to him, but we had a falling out and I cut him off. He had major mental health issues and used sex with as a crutch rather than getting help. It was toxic so I told him I couldn’t be that person for him.

  2. I want that.

    1. Perhaps the friend you like to tweet about sometimes will give you this sort of experience one day.

  3. What a fascinating tale, I like the idea of not knowing what someone looks like until after sex, your mind must have been racing.

    1. Yes, my heart was definitely racing. The only thing I knew was that he was very hairy so I may have wondered if I was sleeping with Chewbacca haha.

  4. Firstly I really love this image Sass. I also enjoyed reading your account although I did feel scared for you. I think these sort of experiences are the stuff of fantasy but in real life most people would be too cautious. BDSM in this sort of context is totally outwith my experience so it was interesting to read and learn from you. Missy x

    1. I don’t think I’d walk into something like this again. Being older and more cautious now, I realize how reckless it was. Now, I overthink things and something like this would have me worried that I’m walking into my own slaughter.

  5. Lovely image and an interesting read for sure.

    1. Thank you!

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