The Shadow

The Shadow (Chapter 5) – One Hell Of A Guy

Kenna’s POV

It feels as if someone is watching me, but every time I look, I don’t see anyone there.

I start my jog down the street. It feels nice to have the warmness of the sun on my face. The coolness of winter leaves me with a bit of a chill. Maybe I should’ve worn a bit more than just a sports bra. I continue to run and I swear someone is following me. Then a car zooms past me and almost knocks me on my ass. “Damn bastard! You’ll pay for that!”

I continue to run into town when I hear arguing going on. As I’m approaching I notice a man and woman going at it. A lover’s quarrel from the looks of it. I can only see the man’s back, but I notice how sculpted his shoulders look. Oh do I love a man with amazing arms and shoulders. I think I love good shoulders more than six pack abs. Maybe this guy works out. Have I seen him at the gym before?

“Stop ogling Kenna! Stop! Stop! Stop!” I haven’t even seen his face and I am mesmerized.

Lost in my daydream, I don’t notice the fire hydrant and I run right into it and topple over onto the ground. “Shit! Shit! Shit!” I ripped my leggings right in the crotch and I’m not wearing any panties as I use a Diva Cup when it’s that bloody time of the month.

“Oh shit! He’s walking this way!” I pull myself and start running. I think he saw me. “Shit! Shit! Shit!” I really hope he didn’t see my lady bits. I run until I’m out of his sight then I begin to walk the rest of the way back home with a hand covering my crotch. “Goodness gracious! I hope I don’t get arrested for indecent exposure!”

“I wish hadn’t ripped my leggings. I didn’t have time to get a look at that man’s face.” I’m practically shitting myself at how much of an idiot I looked like. I finally make it back home and head straight to the bathroom. I decide to hop in the shower again to clear my thoughts. 

The warm water running down my back, I close my eyes and again I see that man with the dark brown hair and emerald green eyes. I can’t seem to stop thinking about him and ways in which I’d let him touch me. I’d let him take me to bed and do all the things Jax had refused to do. Maybe this man would actually go down on me. Jax always swore that it was unsanitary and absolutely disgusting. Maybe he’d take me from behind or in the shower. Maybe we’d christen the whole entire house. Jax only liked to have sex in bed and it had to be missionary. 

Suddenly, I remember the feeling that someone has been following me or watching me and I snap out of my dirty thoughts. “What if someone is stalking me? What if Gina sent a hitman after me? Is Jax trying to take my house from me?” I’m starting to freak out. I don’t really know what to do. Is this all in my head? There is still a bump and scar there. “Maybe I should head to the doctor’s office tomorrow. I’m sure Dr. Hart can slot me in.”

I hop out of the shower once more and give Dr. Hart’s office a call. Dr. Hart answers right away and I proceed to tell him what’s been going on.

“Hi Dr. Hart, this is Kenna King.”

“Oh hi Ms. King. What can I help you with?” Dr. Hart always sounds so jolly. 

“Oh umm, I might have hit my head and cut it open. When I woke up, I was in my bed, but I saw the blood on the floor and it looked like someone stitched up my head. I thought the blood on the floor was from my period, but now I’m not so sure. My head is throbbing. I don’t remember much of anything. I don’t remember going to a hospital to get stitched up and I think I’m seeing things.”

“Ah, I see. Well Ms. King, how about we get you slot in for tomorrow morning? How does 9:00am sound?”

“Thank you, Dr. Hart. That’s perfect. I’ll see you tomorrow at 9:00am.” I hang up the phone and add the appointment to my calendar. I call my assistant to let her know I will not be in tomorrow and that I needed all of my appointments postponed. My assistant must be worried about me, I never take unplanned days off. 

I begin to pace the house. I’m normally always busy. “What to do? What to do? Fuck! I’m bored!” I decide to grab my sketch book. Lately, the only thing I’ve drawn are blueprints for houses and commercial buildings, but I’m feeling a bit inspired today.

I pick up the pencil and I begin to draw the man I’ve been hallucinating. His chiseled abs and those arms. Mm, yes, those amazing arms. But I just can’t get over his emerald green eyes. They were piercing, enchanting, and full of seduction.

“Ughh Kenna! Stop! Stop! Stop! He was just in your imagination. He’s not real. Stop thinking about a man who doesn’t even exist!”

I decide to turn in early since my head is still pounding. Sweet dreams of a figment of my imagination. 

It’s morning and I get ready to head to see Dr. Hart. I have a cup of coffee and notice someone in my backyard. I grab my bat and begin to walk toward the sliding glass door. I call out from the screen, “You fucking pervert! Show yourself! I know you’re watching me!” Everything is still. There’s no sound, no movements, nothing. Fuck, I’m doing it again. I’m hallucinating.

I lock up my house and head to see Dr. Hart. I swear someone has been watching me. 

I pull into the parking lot of Dr. Hart’s office and head inside. Just before Dr. Hart comes to greet me, I swear I see those dazzling green eyes staring at me. Who is this man? Why do I keep seeing him? I take a second glance and he’s no longer there. Fuck! I really must’ve messed up my head. 

“Well hello there, Ms. King. Let’s take a walk into the exam room and see what’s going on with that bump on your head.”

“Sounds great, Dr. Hart.” I start to follow Dr. Hart into the exam room and I continue to feel a pair of eyes lingering on me. What the fuck!

sass c.

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sass c.

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  1. That Kenna talks to herself a lot. She has a one track mind like a woman I know. I didn’t know that Erich actually stitched her up. Must have been some hit on the head.

    1. Yet, somehow, I think you’d want to bang Kenna if she was a real person haha.

      1. No, I’m thinking Beth.

        1. Really now? I tried to make their character as annoying as possible.

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