The Shadow

The Shadow (Chapter 4) – Stupid Bitch

Erich’s POV

“Well that was a close one! She almost caught me being a creep!” I’m pretty sure the neighbor just heard me and possibly saw me in the buff. I guess I should put my clothes on now. 

I’m fully clothed once again and I start to run back home. Twenty minutes later, and I’m finally back at home only to see the damn bitch is waiting for me on the front porch.

“Where were you babe? You left me all alone.” Her stupid screechy voice is enough to drive any man mad. I close my eyes for minute trying not to strangle her on the spot.

“Oh, umm I saw a kid fall off his bike and decided to help him out. His parents weren’t around so I sat with him until they came home.” A total lie right there, but this bitch is crazy and if she knew I had been in other woman’s bed, she’d probably turn into an ax murderer and go for Kenna’s head. I can’t risk having this psycho bitch doing anything to hurt my gorgeous girl. Yes, my gorgeous girl because I fully intend on making her mine one day soon.

Her silky smooth skin and those luscious lips. Mmmm…those will be all mine one day. Beth will compare to Kenna. Beth relies on me for everything. She wants food, money, a new bag…well guess who has to pay for it. That’s correct, that would be me. Kenna seems so independent by the looks of things. Her house was magnificent and it seemed like a home infused with her personality…not that I know much about her personality except for the fact that she talks like a sailor. Beth is not beautiful like Kenna. Beth looks like skin and bones because she hardly eats. Her hair is overly bleached and brittle and her skin is rough and full of wrinkles and sun spots from all the time she spent in the tanning bed. 

Lost in thought about Kenna, my raging bitch of a wife, ruins the moment. “Baby, can we go out to eat? I’m hungry.” For fucks sake, that stupid whining sounds like fucking nails on a chalk board. Get this bitch to shut the fuck up already. 

“Beth, you know I have to go get to the office. Milo has been covering for me most of the day and Mrs. Jorgensen has an appointment at 3pm. Do you know what she would do if I passed her off to Milo?” Please, please, please just get off my back. 

“Oh right! Mrs. Jorgensen…you don’t want to make her mad or else she might lace my coffee with rat poison.” I wish Mrs. Jorgensen would do that. It would honestly spare me the trouble of having to do it myself.

“Well, I’m going to shower then head to the office. How about you cook up some lunch for yourself?” Please don’t ask to join me in the shower. I’d really like some peace and quiet. 

“Okay babe! Would you like me to make you something to eat as well?” The woman is so bad at cooking, I’d rather eat a pile of rocks. 

“No, no! I’m fine! Milo bought lunch and left it for me in the fridge. I’ll eat when I get to the office.” Milo never buys me food. That cheap bastard of a business partner.

Beth skips along back into the house and I wish I can just get rid of her. She needs to be handled so I can make Kenna mine. 

I walk into the house and head upstairs to shower. The warm water trickling down my washboard abs, I begin to think about Kenna again. My sweet girl, you will be mine. But how do I get Beth out of the way? 

I just can’t resist seeing Kenna again so I hop out of the shower, but on some clothes and run out to the car. I drive toward her house, just minutes away. I park down the street so she won’t see me and I walk to her neighbors house and hide in the shadow. 

I’m hoping to catch a glimpse of her. Maybe she’ll even be naked again. Instead, she makes her way out the door in her light little leggings and sports bra. The leggings hugged her curvy little ass just perfectly and her sports bra exposed the top of her cleavage just enough to leave men salivating for more.

“Shit! She’s looking this way!” I dive into a bush out of sight. I can’t have her seeing me. I don’t want her to think I’m that creepy. 

She begins jogging down the street. It’s only 2pm and my office is only a few minutes away. I walk back to my car and start following her slowly cautious so that she doesn’t catch me. 

No wonder she has such an amazing body. She runs and runs and doesn’t seem to get tired. How is she even running like this when I had just patched up her head?

Shit! Well look at the time. It’s already 2:45. I race to the office with minutes to spare only to find my wife standing there. “Fuck my life! Now what do I do?” I told the stupid bitch not to come in this week after her big blowout with a patient last week. I swear this woman has too many loose screws. 


One Week Ago

Shelby Vogel was my last patient of the day. Shelby is Milo’s fiancé, but she refuses to be his patient. She claims that her health is her business and she would want to know about any diagnosis before him. Milo was understanding about her decision. The thing about being a small town doctor is that pretty much the whole town is your patient. 

Shelby and I grew up together. Milo on the other hand was a few years older. It was nice to see them get together. Milo was now 46 and Shelby and I were 42. Neither Milo or Shelby had ever dated anyone else. They were each other’s firsts and only got together about two years ago. Shelby was brilliant and left this town at 18. She became a professor at Cornell, but had to move back home four years ago to take care of her sick parents. We picked up right where we left off and that’s when Shelby and Milo first met. They were fast friends, but Milo was shy until they both got drunk two summers ago and ended up in bed together. That was how they both lost their virginities.

Beth was jealous of Shelby. Shelby is a beautiful woman with gorgeous locks of curly blonde hair. She is poised, but definitely has a bit of a bark. Her sapphire eyes were piercing in any light and her ivory skin would twinkle in the moonlight. Beth was insecure and thought Shelby and I had a thing. 

I had finished up with Shelby’s appointment and we had walked out to the lobby talking and laughing. Shelby hugged me and gave me a peck on the cheek which is something she had done since we were 13. Beth didn’t understand that Shelby and I were best friends so that’s when all the drama began. 

Beth was pissed and threw a fit of rage. “Bitch! Get your hands off of my man! He’s married! How dare you touch him! Did you see the ring on his finger? Don’t you know what that means? You’re a home-wrecker and you’re no longer welcomed here!”

Shelby’s hand flew up to her mouth holding in a chuckle when Milo came running out. Milo wrapped his arm around Shelby protectively before Shelby proceeded to tell Beth off. “Me, a bitch? Oh that is just classic. You’re a money loving bitch and you’re worthless to him. Erich is my best friend and I’ve known him longer than you’ve probably even been alive. If I want to hug him, I will and you will keep your mouth shut if you want to keep your tongue. Understand me, bitch?”

Beth was steaming and bright red. She had just been called out and put in her place. Beth hated when she was wrong and when her youth didn’t get things to go her way, but she remained silent as I gave her a death glare. 

“Bethany Mikaela Alexander! You will apologize to Shelby right this instant! You are a stupid bitch who thinks she’s always right. You do not insult my best friend like that. You think you are better than others because you are my wife. Well guess what, you were always a piece of shit to me anyways.” Thank for fuck sakes, I never let her take my last name. 

Beth put her head down as said an apology quietly. She was still mad, but this time it was directed toward me. I didn’t care; she deserved what she got. Beth was a dumb bitch and Shelby was my best friend.

I told Beth not to come in for a few weeks. I could no longer trust her in the workplace.

There Beth stands in front of the Dr. Erich Bauer and Dr. Milo Hart door sign. “If I recall you left the house two hours ago. It doesn’t take two hours to get here so where the fuck were you?”


“I don’t understand why you’re even here. I told you to stay home for the next few weeks.” I am annoyed at this point. The stupid bitch thinks she can question me like that. 

“I am your wife! I deserve to know where you are! Tell me now! Where were you? Were you screwing another stupid bimbo?” Did she just call my Kenna a bimbo? I don’t think so. This is not acceptable by any means. 

“You are hardly my wife! You trapped me into the marriage. You’re nothing but a gold digging whore. I’ve never loved you and I never will. You are an insufferable witch and your tirades end here!” Our fight in the parking lot continues to go on. I walk away and notice Kenna running by. I stop and stare at her for a minute. She turns to look my way, but I dash inside to greet Mrs. Jorgensen. 

“Hello Mrs. Jorgensen! How’s my favorite patient?” Mrs. Jorgensen is a sweet old lady that own the cafe in town. 

“I’m fine my sweet boy. But how many times do I have to tell you that you need to get rid of that stupid bitch?”

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  1. Poor Beth, everyone is so mean to her. I hope Kenna catches him peeping on her.

    1. I think you’re the first to sympathize with Beth. Most people want to off her.

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