The Shit List – The Savage Sexcapade Chronicles (Chapter 1)

So I’m having a bit of trouble with Tie Me Up Tuesday so that post will come later. Instead, here’s a chapter from my dating/sex life called The Shit List – The Savage Sexcapade Chronicles.

Not all guys I’ve dated/slept with end up on the list, but the shitty ones do.

Chapter 1 – The Scared Virgin

I guess I’ve always had a thing for meeting strange men online. Even as a kid, I’d roam chat rooms and have “internet boyfriends.” If that’s even a thing.

When I was about 12 or 13, I had an AIM (if you don’t know what that is, you’re way too young). My SN was something very provocative though I didn’t know it at the time. I had taken something I read in a Sailor Moon comic book and added XXX to the end. Now that I look back, my SN pretty much sounded like a pornstar or an escort name.

One day out of the blue, a guy sent me an IM. His words to me were, “Hi! My friend hacked my account and added your SN. What’s your name?” To this day, I have no clue if that was true or not.

I had turned 13 and we were talking everyday. We exchanged phone numbers, but I still hadn’t met him. Then one night, he called me his babe. He said he could be my boyfriend and I naively said yes not knowing I was just some tail he wanted to chase.

The only suggestive thing he had ever said to me was, “I’m going to take a shower and I expect your butt to there too.” I was a kid, I didn’t drive. How would I get there and would I have been ready to give him my virginity? Later that night, he proceeded to say, “I was waiting for you in my shower, but you never showed up.” I guess he really meant that he wanted to fuck me.

We continued to talk and then I found out, he went to the church down the street from my house. One day, I went to the church, he saw me upstairs and tried to flirt. I was like deer in headlights and ran away and we never talked in person since that day. 

He continued to string me along online. I gave him 7 years of my fucking life. Time after time, he’d go after another girl, only to come running back to me saying it didn’t work. I was stupid and naive for allowing him to take my high school years…pining over a stupid internet guy.

I should’ve known he never cared. He would only talk about himself and the girls he screwed. Each time, I thought maybe we’d have a shot, he’d go and fuck another girl. The first poem I ever wrote was about falling in love with the stupid schmuck. That was well over a decade ago.

I was an idiot for being that way. You can’t tie down a dog that never wanted to stay.

sass c.

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sass c.

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  1. Sass….I am in my thirties but I have no idea what an AIM is? Is Internet the middle word??? M might be Mate??? But yeah…I am just guessing.

    1. I’m also in my thirties. AIM was AOL (America Online) Instant Messenger. It was popular in the states and used on desktop computers. It was like texting before smart phones came into existence.

  2. I sat here, wondering what AIM and SN is, and then worked out from the rest that it’s a chat platform. We never had AOL over here, which is why I didn’t know it (I saw your answer to Jenna). But, that said… that guy sounds like a real a’hole…
    ~ Marie

    1. Apparently, I wasn’t the only girl he did that to. Years later, a friend of mine told me that he knew him and there were several girls that fell victim to his ways.

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