The Shadow

The Shadow (Chapter 3) – Well That Was Creepy

Kenna’s POV

“Ow! Fuck! Shit! What the hell just happened?” I scream out loud. My head is pounding. Wait what’s that sound. Is it just in my head or did I hear a phone ringing? It sounds like it’s coming from the balcony. It looks like a man standing there with a ripped body, dark brown hair and emerald green eyes. I blink and he’s gone. “Great Kenna! Now you’re just hallucinating!”

I look at the clock and notice it’s already 11:30am. “Shit! What the fuck? How am I this late? Oh fuck! And I’m still naked!”

Walking into the bathroom, I notice the blood on the floor. I start remembering getting dizzy, but my world had gone black.

“How the fuck did I end up in my bed again? Wait! Who fixed the gash on my head?” I’m belligerent at the fact that I have no recollection of the past four and a half hours.

I must be hallucinating this whole thing. I must not have fallen. The blood on the floor must be from my period. Wait, does that mean my bed is a bloody fucking mess too? Shit, shit, shit!

I hop in the shower to wash myself. If I’m on my period then my lady bits need a wash. No one wants to smell that stank. The hot water feels so good running down my back. I close my eyes and begin to relax. Images of that man cross my mind. Oh what I would do to have a man like that pound me six ways to Sunday. Of course, I just have to interrupt my daydreaming with my rational thoughts, “Kenna! Get it together! You’re fantasizing about an imaginary man!”

I must be desperate from some action since it’s been a few months since Jax and I had sex. I should have seen this coming. He had grown quite distant. Every time, I wanted to have sex, he’d make up some sort of excuse that he was busy. I wonder how long he had been screwing Gina. Was he lying to me for the past five years? Was it just recently? Maybe this explains his behavior on his birthday night. 


Two Months Ago

It was Jax’s 36th birthday a couple months ago. I bought us tickets to go to Boracay to relax and have some sexy fun.

We stayed on the water in this little hut. The water was blue and clear as day. It was such a mesmerizing sight. I guess Jax didn’t really appreciate the gesture. His definition of vacation was getting drunk at  new bars.

“Jax! Isn’t this place breathtaking? We can just relax here and getaway from the rest of the world for a bit.” I was so excited to be away from the office and have some intimate time with the man I was hoping to marry. 

“Damn it! Why would you pick this shitty place? There’s no WiFi! Are you trying to bore me to death?” Jax was fuming. I didn’t know he’d be this pissed.

I packed mostly bikinis and lingerie as I thought Jax would be into at least one view. But, Jax barely even noticed me. I’d sunbathe right in his line of sight hoping to entice him, but he just kept staring at his phone complaining about not being at home.

“Damn it! I can’t even get service here! Why couldn’t we just stay home? Why do you do this sort of shit to me?” I couldn’t believe how ungrateful he was. I paid for us to have a nice getaway and he didn’t even pretend to have fun. He constantly made his distaste known. 

At night, I’d change into some delectable lingerie and climb on top of him in bed hoping to have sex with the man I loved. He would push me off and get out of bed. 

“Babe! Why are you doing this? Come back to bed. Do you think I’m ugly now? Did I get too fat? What did I do wrong?” Jax continued walking out of the hut. 

That night I cried myself to sleep. I was sprawled out on the bed in just the lingerie Jax had left me in. Did he not love me anymore? I slept alone that night and had no clue where he went. In the morning he smelled like a distillery, passed out on the ground right outside the hut. 

Each night, he continued to disappear. I missed being in his arms. I missed the whiskey scent that used to fill the air as we would lay in bed. This was the first time I had slept alone for more than one night in the last four years. Jax had moved in with me in after a year of dating. We had been inseparable so I couldn’t wrap my brain around this sudden change. 

When we had come back home, things had changed. He’d stay out late and passed out on the couch. He must’ve fallen out of love with me. Or he must’ve found me utterly detestable.

– Present –

Reminiscing on that birthday getaway, I completely lose track of time. I get out of the shower and call my assistant to let her know I won’t be coming in today.

I sit on my bed still in no clothes looking around at all the things Jax had left. My diary is sitting next to me on my bed. “That’s funny, I normally keep this on my nightstand. I must’ve had way too much to drink if I can’t even remember moving it.”

I put on some leggings and a sports bra wanting to go for a jog. Locking up the house, I’m ready to roll and I think I see someone standing in the shadows. I look again closely and no one is there.

“Well that was creepy!”

sass c.

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  1. Hmm… wonder if it was the Doc hiding in the shadows. Jax is a jerk, btw.

    1. Only time will tell 😉

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