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Swanky Hotel Squirt – Playing For Points

When I first became Sir’s sub, he made up a game called Swanky Hotel Squirt. It wasn’t exactly something he ordered me to do, but more so a humiliating little game for me to play.


It was the weekend I became his sub when I had to go to a holiday party at a swanky hotel. Sir wanted to make the party a bit more interesting and humiliating for me. I was wearing a little black dress and Sir had ordered me not to wear a bra or panties. My cunt had the words, “Sir’s fucktoy” written on it.

When I got to the party, I texted him. He told me to sneak out to the bathroom and finger myself while standing over the toilet. I was to continue to finger myself until I squirt. Once I squirt, I was not allowed to clean up my cunt because wanted it to drip down my legs as I went back to the party.

So I did as he asked. I was only able to squirt a scruple. Sir said, “It’s not the amount that counts, just the fact that you did it.” I washed my hands and went back to the party.

After the party, Sir told me that this would be a sort of game for me to earn points. On my getDare profile, I was to add ‘SHS’ which would be where I would update my Swanky Hotel Squirt points. It was just an acronym to keep people wondering what it meant.


The following week, I had another holiday party at a swanky restaurant on the harbor. I wore a blue skirt, pink top, and a white blazer with no panties underneath per Sir’s instruction.

He said it would be another opportunity for a Swanky Hotel Squirt. “But it’s not a hotel.” Sir didn’t mind. He said that I could earn it at swanky hotels or swanky restaurants.

At the restaurant, I snuck away to the toilet. This time, I set up my phone to record a video and then began fingering myself over the toilet. It was definitely a squirt worthy of a Swanky Hotel Squirt point.

I squirt all over the place. It got all over the toilet, floor and my legs. After that, I spent about 15 minutes cleaning up the floor and toilet with paper towels. Yes, all of that was caught on video as well.

I sent the video to Sir and updated my SHS to 2. This was quickly becoming a very humiliating game.


About a week later, I was going to go shopping. Sir had me put in the Ben Wa Balls and wear panties as well as leggings. I went to the store and Sir texted me to sneak off to the bathroom. He wanted me to squirt.

I pulled down my leggings and panties and stood over the toilet and began to finger myself. This time, I could feel the pressure building and building until I released. But, it was like a waterfall and the squirt splashed everywhere and wouldn’t stop. It was by far the most I had ever squirt and in the process, my Ben Wa Balls fell out and landed on the dirty floor. I washed them in the sink them put them in the pocket of my leggings because it was too unsanitary to put them back in.

There was a puddle of squirt on the floor. My panties were drenched and my leggings were soaked as well. I took off my panties and leggings. I placed my leggings on the sink and threw away my panties. They were green polka dot panties.

I began cleaning up the floor. When I finished, my leggings were still soaking wet so I used the hand dryer to get them as dry as I could. But they were still pretty wet.

I tried to hide my panties underneath paper towels so no one would see. When I walked out of the restroom, my mom was waiting for me in the car. That was a very long and uncomfortable ride home. I texted Sir about the squirt and he said I most definitely deserved a Swanky Hotel Squirt point for that one. He made me write a report about it as well.

It was the final point before COVID started. It was the most original yet humiliating game I’ve ever played.

Yours Truly, sass c.

Image by Marten Bjork on Unsplash

Wicked Wednesday - Swanky Hotel Squirt

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  1. WOW, definitely original and humiliation. Great game!
    ~ Marie

    1. Thanks. Too bad the game had to come to an end with COVID.

  2. Great games Sass – cheeky too!
    May x

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