Do I Seem Like A Prostitute?

When you read my blog or see my photos, what vibe do I give off? Do I come off as a prostitute or escort? I genuinely want to know because there was bit of an incident over the weekend and it left me concerned.


I’ve never sold sexual services ever. Have I slept with random men? Yes, but I’ve never made money off of it. Do I expect money for sleeping with them? No, absolutely not.

I’m not a prostitute and if you are, then you do you. I have a career, but I also like sex and I like writing. Yes, I let strangers see my naked body, but I’ve never made a profit from it.


One of my friends seems to go for guys that are kind of lame. They’re emotionally unavailable or they use her and toy with her. Most of the time, the guys are either her age or younger.

I told her that she should try going for an older guy who is more mature. She told me, “Oh no! I just can’t. It reminds me of you and that show ‘Baby’ where you basically become like a prostitute.”

When I hear things like this it just sounds like I needed a lump some of cash to open my legs for an older man. Why does being with an older man make me seem like a prostitute? I really don’t get it.

Why can’t I like who I like without being accosted for it? Does my sex life really seem like a bunch of transactions? Because it’s definitely not. Why is being treated well associated with being paid for sex? That sort of thinking seems very narrow minded.


Over the weekend, another friend of mine said that he had a guy lined up for me. I didn’t think much of it. It was a little weird considering he had never done such a thing, but I thought it was birthday present. I turned it down because I was too tired to do much of anything.

The next morning, he sends me a picture of a guy and says, “He wants it today. Are you available?” This guy didn’t look like who my friend normally hangs out with. His picture scared me a bit.

I’m not sure what my friend has gotten himself into, but this behavior just seemed strange. Yes, he knows I have my kinks, but that doesn’t mean I’m a prostitute or an escort.

Does it look like I’m walking around wearing a sign that says, “Open for business”? I asked him if he had become a pimp and he said yes, plain and simple. It made me feel a bit cheap and violated.

I don’t walk around and have sex with anyone and everyone who wants it. When it comes to sex, ultimately, I have the choice. And to be paraded around like a piece of meat to random strangers is rather offensive. It’s not the sort of degradation and humiliation that gets me off. My friend and I do not have a sexual relationship, never have and never will.

I told my best friend and she thought it was funny. But to me it wasn’t. Now I wonder whether or not I give off vibes that I am a prostitute or escort.

Yours Truly,
sass c.

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sass c.

i'm just your average girl with a dirty mind. young, asian and submissive...does that pique your interest? constantly in a battle with myself whether to stay confined by my cultural values or to break free like the freak i am.

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  1. Hi sass , well as an older man who goes to escorts and likes you I think there’s a clear destinction between you and escorting. As you know I liked a lot of the escorts I’ve been to, so I don’t see it as such a bad thing to be. Being a bit more sexually active than average is always your choice. That ‘friend’ that pimped you needs either setting straight or he’s no friend! If a girl sleeps with an old man only for money it’s bad ,but if she likes him then it’s the ones who look down on her that have the problem.
    Having said all that… if you were an escort I’d pick you😃❤

    1. I just didn’t understand where or when he got the impression that I hookup with anyone. He may have meaningless sex with anyone and everyone, but it’s not my thing. Maybe that sort of thing works for hi considering his advice is to never get attached to anyone.

      But I like forming a bit of a relationship…even though I have had a one night stand.

  2. sass…. you need to set your friend straight! You are obviously not a prostitute, nor do you give off those vibes. Sometimes we have to accept that some people are just plain stupid. Sending hugs, my friend! <3

    1. Thank you. I don’t know when he became like this. Maybe quarantine zapped his brain cells.

      1. 🤣😆😂

  3. I don’t think that “friend” is much of a friend.

    But to answer your question: No, you do not come off as an escort, or even as someone who is into no-emotions or transactional sex.

    1. Thank you. I think he’s become a jaded Asian man. And with the pandemic, he’s been rather sex deprived…but I don’t know why he doesn’t go out and have meaningless sex himself rather than try to push others into it.

  4. Not sure your friend is the type that would have your back when you needed it to be watched….I see you as neither, What I do see, is someone who has become comfortable and confident with who she is becoming. Those who know you, wont judge you. Those who judge you, don’t know you.

    1. Thank you. He’s not the kind of person I confide in for most things. I have a couple of friends I text regularly, but he’s like once or twice a year.

  5. I’ve never gotten that vibe! It you should deff have a discussion with your friend! Maybe he was just messing with you?

    1. If he does it again, I will definitely address it. If it was a one time prank then I’ll let it go.

  6. Some weird things came out of your friends mouths. I would not be ok with anyone saying that. In fact while we were away, one of Ben’s team insulted me by saying to Ben that I had tried to offer money to other men to get frisky with me. While there are some people engaged in the sex industry and making an income, outside of that, if somebody who knows only too well that you are not in that industry makes a joke out of it…well, it aint funny.

    My take on older men….in general….when I dated older men, they were more likely to open doors for me, compliment my appearance, they would always insist on paying for drinks and meals out, they were more respectful in gauging whether I was interested in holding hands or kissing. Older men rock! I always feel safer with older men on every level – emotionally, physically. I feel safer, I feel as if I am in good hands. I am talking in generalities and just as there may be some older men who do not know how to behave, there are also some young men who are sincere and sweet.

    And….I understand why you were not comfortable with a friend suggesting they had a man lined up for you. I have been on blind dates in the past arranged through friends. But they knew I was only willing to meet the guy they had in mind for a drink. I would be outraged if they had nominated me for a sexual encounter with a random stranger. (I did have a sexual encounter the with a random stranger the night I met Simon, but that was the one and only time I have done that).

    I don’t know Sass, we are all different, but I think you are right to feel uncomfortable with some of what happened.

    1. I’ve never really been on a blind date. I’ve always had some form of communication with the guy. Even with a one night stand, I had a conversation on tinder with him first. But if I can’t be the judge of character then I’m not sure I trust being in bed with them. For all I know, this man could have tried to beat me up and stolen my bag. Or he could have had some international criminal kidnap me making me the victim of human trafficking. I know those scenarios could be the case with anyone I meet, but I have a pretty keen sense of danger and I’m very skeptical of people’s intentions.

  7. I want to add my voice to this…. your ‘friend’ definitely stepped over a line and I am sorry that it has made you doubt yourself. You have to set him straight for sure.
    ~ Marie

    1. I’m not sure if I should bring a mutual friend into the mix. She was the one that would smack him upside the head for being dumb. Too bad she moved out of state.

  8. He is an idiot, tell him that.

    1. I think I just might.

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