Sex With Sass

Panties Down And Ready For That Lesson

On Friday, Elliott tweeted a Story in 12. It said, “Pull those panties down, Sass, I’m going to teach you a lesson.”

So here I am in my panties. Yes, they have candy canes on them and they are bright red. I normally only wear them during Christmastime.

My response was, “Yes, Mr. Henry. My ass is out and ready for that lesson.” My panties are now down and my ass is out.

Yours Truly,

sass c.

sass c.

i'm just your average girl with a dirty mind. young, asian and submissive...does that pique your interest? constantly in a battle with myself whether to stay confined by my cultural values or to break free like the freak i am.

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  1. Well this is certainly a surprise! I saw it was your birthday and thought I’d include you in my storyin12. It looks like you are a naughty girl in need of a spanking.

    1. Well I am rather submissive and it did sound like an order that I must comply with. 😝

  2. That looks comfy… the bed I mean😎❤

    1. Haha. It just makes a lot of noise. Anytime I move, the bed is really loud.

  3. Fabulous images, Sass!
    ~ Marie

    1. Thanks! 😊

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