The Shadow

The Shadow (Chapter 2) – What The Hell Was That?

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Erich’s POV

“Due! It was already due! Damn it! Bethany, I told you this was due yesterday!” I’m seething at my incompetent wife who also acts as my receptionist. She can’t get a job anywhere else because she’s got air for brains. How can you forget when taxes are due?

Sometimes, I wonder why I even married this stupid girl. Oh that right, I didn’t have a choice. The bitch told me she was pregnant with my kid after after one of my drunken nights. I didn’t know at the time she was lying bitch trying to trap me into a marriage because she was nothing but a money loving whore.

Trying to save face, I married the whore only to find out that it had all been a fucking lie. Thankfully, I made her sign a prenup so I can get out when I want. The only thing about leaving is it would damage my image completely unless she was at fault.

“Hey Beth! I’m going for a run!” I need to get out of the house for a bit. This marriage is absolutely suffocating.

The sun feels glorious. There are very few people out as most people have gone to work already. I have to stop to take a breather and I’m standing in front of this house made of glass. 


“What the hell was that?” I should probably mind my own business, but I want to make sure no one is hurt. I run around to the back of the house and see her laying there. Her glorious naked body limp on the ground as blood pours from her head. “Oh shit! I think she needs help!” 

I try to get into her house, but the doors are locked. I notice the sliding glass door to the balcony on the second floor had been left slightly ajar. I climb up the vines until I reach the second floor, slip into her house and proceed to look for that bathroom door. Her house is huge and maze-like, but I finally find her. “I hope she’s not dead.” 

I stare at her body taking her in. “My god, this woman is absolutely breathtaking.” I may be married, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t stepped out before. This girl is here is someone I might just be willing to risk my reputation for. She looks like she takes care of herself. 5’4” or maybe 5’5” and she probably weighs about 135. She probably drinks organic green smoothies. I wouldn’t be surprised if she does yoga too. Thin but sculpted. Curves in the right place. Her breasts look like fluffy clouds I’d like to rest my head on someday. Silky brown hair and lips so plump and brightly pink. Those are the lips, I’d like to taste one day. 

I look down at my pants and I realize I need to stop. This girl needs help and I have an epic boner. Searching her cabinets, she has no first aid kit. I’ll have to use the towels to try to stop the bleeding. She has a pulse and she is still breathing. “Oh thank heavens, this glorious life has not been taken.” The bleeding slows down and I patch her up with a sewing kit I found in the back of her medicine cabinet. 

I know she needs to go to the hospital because I am a doctor, but I don’t want any man to touch her unless it’s myself. I know it’s wrong to lust for her when she’s in a deep sleep, but this is a girl I want to keep. 

I pick her up and place her in bed. I strip out my sweaty clothes and get in beside her as I stroke her head. She begins to stir a bit and nuzzles close to my body. I discreetly nurse her back to health, but once she wakes up, I don’t know if I’ll be able to stick around. 

Her scent is intoxicating like lavender laced with vanilla and a hint of honey. This girl may just be the death of me.

My eyes wander the room to find anything that will tell me a bit about her. I see a blue print of the house hanging in frame. Maybe she’s an architect and built her own house. I see a broken picture frame on the ground. It’s this girl with a guy and another girl. The guy looks like he’s doting on her, but I notice the other girl has almost discreetly got her hand near his crotch. He must be her boyfriend, but by the X on his face, they must have broken up very recently. The word “SLUT” was written across the face of the other girl. It appears the boyfriend and the best friend both betrayed her.

I hope she wasn’t trying to kill herself. It would be such a shame. She’s a beautiful creature and I’d really like to know her name. I look around some more and see a notebook on the nightstand. I reach over her and grab it to take a peek.

“Wow! This must be her diary and I know this is an invasion of privacy, but I must know who this beautiful girl is.”

The first page reads, “Kenna King.” King? She looks more like a Queen. 

It’s full of journal entries and many drawings. This girl is talented that’s for sure, but it looks like she’s also got a sailor’s mouth. The f bomb dropped everywhere.

My phone starts ringing and she begins to stir. Her eyes begin fluttering so I grab my clothes and slip out the window. I stand on the balcony and secretly stare as I see her open her confusion filled eyes and touch her head. “Ow! Fuck! Shit! What the hell just happened?” she cries out loud. I hold in my snicker because her of her potty mouth. She gets out of bed and my eyes wander south and she looks like a heavenly treat. 

My phone starts ringing again. I see it’s the whore I left at home this morning. She’s probably wondering how to spell her own name. I look back inside and see Kenna begin to walk my way. She can’t know I was here so I jump off the balcony and run away.

sass c.

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  1. Wow, what a story! I wondered who this Erich guy is, he seems like kind of a jerk, Bethany. I had forgot that Kenna had passed out until I came to the part where he’s looking at the photo and then realized who the woman in this chapter is. I’m surprised he didn’t try to take her temperature, if you know what I mean. Looking forward to the next chapter, this was a fun read with my morning coffee.

    1. The first page reads, “Kenna King.” King? She looks more like a Queen. Good line!

      1. Haha thanks. I had to insert my corniness somewhere in the story 😭

    2. The whole story switches back and forth between Kenna and Erich’s POV. I wonder how you’ll react to chapter 3. 🤔

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