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Touch My Body – Fantasizing About The First Time

Sometimes, I see the quote, “Touch her heart not her body.” I have no idea who coined the phrase first, but I don’t quite agree. What if I want you to touch my heart and touch my body?


I’ve seen his cock multiple times. He says he gets hard when he thinks about me and there is always photo evidence.

Is it sad that I think about him often? I think about morning sex with him when I wake up. And you better believe that I send him naughty things at night. There’s even a bit of filth for lunch.

I’m not the sort of person who would ask for a dick pic from anyone. Is there such thing as a pretty penis? He probably wouldn’t want it referred to as pretty haha. But for some reason, I dream of sucking his cock every time I see it.

Touch My Body

I find myself once again horny throughout the day. It’s a feeling that I haven’t felt in a while. Toward the beginning of the year, I was horny all the time. Then during the summer, that feeling fizzled and I thought I was broken. But once again, I find myself daydreaming each day about rolling around with him in the sheets.


CL makes me very horny and wet. He may not be a Dom, but is quite kinky indeed. But I’m here and he’s there and there isn’t close enough to drive to for the evening. So I touch my body when I’m all alone.

I touch my body when I’m taking photos for him. And there are a lot of photos.

I know that you’ve been waitin’ for it
I’m waiting too
In my imagination I’d be all up on you
I know you got that fever for me
Hundred and two
And boy I know I feel the same
My temperature’s through the roof
Mariah Carey (Touch My Body)

I touch myself when I’m alone wishing he was here. But touching myself only provides so much satisfaction. It’s just not the same as having someone in your bed.

It’ll have to do for now though. So I massage my breasts and reach down between my legs to finger myself. Wet with utter desire.


Once the pandemic and the state of the country settles a bit, we’ll get to see each other. I’ll fly to him and spend time with him. I often imagine what that will look like.

My flight lands and I head to baggage claim where he waiting for me. I see him and I run to him and we embrace as it’s a moment we’ve waited for. We head to the car and he drives to where we will be staying. The whole car ride, my pussy gets wetter and wetter in anticipation.

He lets me get settled and then he begins to peel the clothes off my body. I wore a dress because I wanted to look nice for him even before the clothes came off. My dress is now on the floor and I’m left with black lace lingerie.

He lays me on the bed and his hands and mouth explore every inch of my body. There’s just a thin layer of fabric separating us. His cock is hard and he can’t take it anymore to he peels my lingerie off my body. Naked together for the first time, we drink in the sight of each other before his lips crash into mine and he thrusts his cock into my pussy for the first time.

Yours Truly,
sass c.

Monochromerotic  - Touch My Body
September Song Project - Touch My Body
Musically Ranting

sass c.

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  1. WOW sass! You look amazing! Makes me want to be ‘that guy’.

    1. Thanks Howie! Fun fact…the guy I lost my virginity to was from Australia.

  2. I am sure I am having the same reaction as your CL when you send him photos like this. And every other guy who sees this post, like my friend Howie, that horny Aussie, above me here.

    One thing… if it were me, I would have your clothes off in the parking garage, I wouldn’t wait for the room.

    1. Ah so you’d have me walking through the hotel lobby in a little negligee? Very naughty mister. But would you be fully clothed or would you have shed some clothing as well?

  3. Very sexy images Sassy, I love the different edits too.

    1. Thank you! 🙏🏻

  4. Oh, how nice is it to fantasise about meeting? Let’s hope this pandemic is over soon 😉

    1. It’s definitely nice, but not as nice as it would be to feel another’s touch (it totally tried to autocorrect that to “tofu” haha).

  5. I absolutely love these images, Sass, especially those last two. Wow!
    ~ Marie

    1. Aw thanks!

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