Tie Me Up Tuesday

A Heart Harness And Hearts In His Eyes

The current Tie Me Up Tuesday challenge is a heart harness. I decided to let CL choose the color of the ropes I used with the incentive that he’d get to see my tits tied up before anyone else haha. So CL chose the black and red ropes.


The heart harness tie itself wasn’t too difficult, but the perfectionist in me wasn’t satisfied. I didn’t like the ropes feeling loose so I kept redoing the tie to tighten the rope even more. However, when I tightened it too much, the heart would just look like an ugly blob. So I spent about an hour trying to get this right.

Heart Harness

I forgot to take pictures at this point and started on with the next thing. My whole goal was to do the tie, take picture. Add nipple clamps, then taken more pictures. Then add the el wire and taken even more pictures.

Heart Harness and Nipple Clamps

A double coin knot is a bit hard to tie when you can’t see behind your back so I just settled with tying a bow.


So I completely forgot about the nipple clamps and started wrapping the el wire around the heart. This was so tedious and took an ample amount of time. It came out a bit messy, but in the dark, it looked pretty great.

You Light Up My Heart

I think it gave the heart harness a nice flare to it and really made the heart standout. Though, I’m pretty sure to CL, it just made my boobs standout more haha.


Once the el wire was wrapped around the heart, I put on some purple nipple clamps. But they weren’t just any nipple clamps, they were vibrating nipple clamps. The vibrations were definitely faster than the beat of my heart.

CL liked the vibrating nipple clamps and I think he might just buy some now.

Since, I forgot to put them on before I wrapped the el wire around the heart, I left the clamps on while unwinding the el wire. I even kept them on while untying myself because they deserved a beat for not remembering the correct order. I don’t know if you’ll be able to hear the beat of my nipples in the video I captured.


When I finished tying, untying, taking photos and everything, I sent CL photos. I thought for sure he’d be asleep. But minutes later, I get a response. His cock definitely has eyes for me.

Attention was granted right away. His cock seems to love my titties. And I sure like pleasing him and being naked for him.

And in honor of Love Note Day…here’s a little note to CL…

Dear CL,

Thank you for everything you do to put a smile on my face and a wet spot in my panties. I can’t wait for things to settle down a bit so we can finally see each other. Until then, you can count on more fashion shows and pictures of my boobs. And when we do see each other, I will express my gratitude by showering a lot of love on your cock.

Yours Truly,
sass c.

Tie Me Up Tuesday - Heart Harness

sass c.

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  1. Well, I am impressed. That’s a beautiful tie and a perfect heart, your friend shows nice colors for you. Love the inclusion of the El wire, very clever. I’ve never tried anything like those vibrators, how do they feel?

    1. Thank you. He certainly did….and to his own benefit. I’m sure he was jacking off to it. I think the vibration from the clamps feels better/more powerful when I use them on my pussy lips. For my nipples, they’re not tight enough even when I adjust the clamp to the tightest setting.

  2. Your stories with rope have become really adventurous and so much fun!! I love love that you keep adding little elements to it and make it a full experience. I really like the light you did with the heart. Both in the dark and in the light. Also I didn’t know they had vibrating clamps but I guess I’m not surprised haha. “The vibrations were definitely faster than the beat of my heart.” I love this sentence! And who is CL? Someone else than lover? I should catch up on some of your posts to find out I guess!

    1. Thank you. The light seems to make it a bit more fun haha. I’ll have to experiment with different colors of light.

      I didn’t know about vibrating nipple clamps until Christmas haha. I walked into a sex shop and I asked where the nipple clamps were. They ended up giving me an explanation of all the nipple clamps they had in stock. But I see the vibrating nipple clamps are also on Amazon now.

      And CL is someone else. I don’t know what’s going on with lover. He’s become rather distant and won’t tell me anything.

  3. I really love the light you add to the rope, and how it stands out in the dark, but I also love all the other images too! Your heart came out so beautiful… mine didn’t really look like a heart, as you will soon see 😉
    ~ Marie

    1. Thank you. In the dark, I felt like Tron or Iron Man with a light up chest haha.

  4. this is beautifully done Sass
    May x

    1. Thanks May!

  5. howie1320 says:

    I could watch your video for hours… is that wrong? ❤

    1. Aw thanks Howie

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