Wicked Wednesday

Self-Control Is Not My Strong Suit

Self-control is thrown out the window as I cater to others. I long to be desired so I do what I have to do to feel that way and sometimes that means doing rash things. It also means that my emotions are not always in check.


I always swore that I wouldn’t be one of those crazy clingy girlfriends. Before I started dating, I’d ask, “How can she stand to be around him 24/7? I can’t stand the clinginess!” So, I told my best friend at the time, “If I ever become like one of those girls, please smack me to knock some sense into me.” He laughed and said it would be an honor.

But I later became just like those girls and my friend wasn’t around to knock any sense into me. I lacked the self-control to set boundaries and separate myself as an individual. With several men, we became a unit. It didn’t happen with every guy, but I think I found myself inseparable from the ones I really loved. My mind would have self-control and give them some space. But my heart is stronger and doesn’t think so logically.

I asked for someone to slap me if I drank. When I was younger, I liked to drink and party, but I guess that’s pretty normal. One day, I blacked out because I had so much to drink. After that, I knew I had a problem so I had to sweat myself off of alcohol for a while. My friends wanted to go out and I wanted to spend time with them. Knowing my lack of self-control, I told them to slap me if they saw a drink in my hand. It was a rather miserable night. But I guess it solved the problem because I rarely drink now.


I need to feel wanted and desired so I do as I am told in order to please. If he wants me naked, I’ll strip. Or if she wants me to wear a butt plug all day, I’ll do it. I lose my willpower to say no because in the desire to feel wanted I have no self-control.

If there’s another woman in the bedroom and I’m ordered to eat her out, I’d do it because I live to please. I guess I associate pleasing others with feeling wanted because when you please others they reward you with a bit of their time and attention. It seems to have become an addiction to which I have no self-control.


My lingerie collection has grown in the last month. I know it turns him on seeing me in lingerie. So I take these photos of my body, more specifically my boobs. A sane mind would say not to send or post such racy things.

But I have no self-control so I do it anyway.

I do it in hope that he’ll notice me and lose his own self-control along the way.

Yours Truly,
sass c.

Wicked Wednesday - Self-Control

sass c.

i'm just your average girl with a dirty mind. young, asian and submissive...does that pique your interest? constantly in a battle with myself whether to stay confined by my cultural values or to break free like the freak i am.

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  1. This really made me wonder how much I do to please others because of having no self control, or whether it’s because I am an exhibitionist. Now that’s a thought to ponder…
    ~ Marie

    1. Maybe it’s a bit of both. Maybe each exhibitionist does things because they lack at least some level of self-control. I don’t know. Psychology behind it would be interesting to figure out.

  2. An image like this will do it, Sass, lovely lingerie. I’m sure he lost it.

    Not my strong suit either!

    1. Now, I know he did. And of course it’s not…or else you wouldn’t be Elliott and ALL THAT JIZZ haha.

  3. Maybe I share too much of myself but as a man , I appreciate you posting photo’s of yourself. Just don’t think that all the men that look at you are perverts. Some of us are average guys that like you.❤

    1. Aw thanks Howie. Though, I don’t mind the perverts looking at me…as long as they don’t actually stalk me in my day to day life. But pervs are welcome too haha.

  4. I won’t say yes to everything…I realized that when I was dating Simon….but I was so in love and I did want to please him. I was more adventurous with sex than I had ever been before.

    Lovely pic Sass….beautiful breasts tempting him with a delicious nipple! <3

    1. I think my need to please came after my ex. I always wanted people to be pleased with me because he was always angry with me. Didn’t invite him to my family’s stuff, he was angry. Didn’t buy his groceries, he was angry. I got stuck in traffic, angry. I could never please him. Maybe that’s when I became really submissive.

  5. Self-control is a tricky one – difficult to pick apart the choices that come from us and what is influenced by others. I’ve gotten better at it over the years, but it never becomes easy, exactly.

    1. When I was younger, I had more self-control and was definitely labeled as a goody two shoes or a prude. I guess I operate at extremes…too much self-control or none at all. Once, I tried to let go, it was like I became a wild child haha.

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