Musically Ranting, September Song Project 2

I Love A Man In A Uniform

Have you ever heard the song, I Love A Man In A Uniform by Gang of Four? The song is from the 80s and to be honest, I had never heard of it until about ten years ago. A friend had played to poke fun at me for being lovestruck whenever I saw a fireman or police officer.


Growing up, the schools I attended didn’t require us to wear a uniform. We did have strict dress codes (we couldn’t wear tank tops or short shorts), but we didn’t have to dress alike. Maybe the closest thing to a uniform that I’ve worn is a bridesmaids outfit. We didn’t wear dresses, but cultural attire and my best friend had our outfits made so that we’d all wear the same thing.

I don’t think I would have liked wearing a uniform. The ones students have to wear just seem stiff and uncomfortable. In terms of working, I’ve always had an office job so the dress code has always been business or business casual. But, I still wear whatever I want because most of my wardrobe is dresses and skirts. I hardly ever wear pants (I only own two pairs).


The song is about men in the service.

The good life was so elusive
Handouts, they got me down
I had to regain my confidence
So I got into camouflage

Once upon a time, hitchhiking was still considered “safe” and men in their military uniform were offered rides by complete strangers. People were more grateful for servicemen and this was one way of showing it.

I’m not sure if this type of uniform does it for me. I’ve found myself drooling over men with these three professions at some point: Fireman, Police Officer, and Pilot.


In my early 20s, I went on a trip out of state. Thankfully, it wasn’t a family trip because it allowed me to be free. The hotel I was staying at had a shuttle that took me back and forth from the airport and train station. While I was on that shuttle, I met a pilot and I started to flirt. He was staying at the same hotel and I was hoping that he would ask me up to his room, but it didn’t happen.

But he did tell me his name, the airlines he worked for, where he was based, and his hometown. We talked about his hometown for a while because I have family from that area. Then we were interrupted. I was so annoyed with this lady for interrupting our conversation and trying to seduce him.

I still remember him vividly. He had three stripes on his uniform which means he was a first officer. If there are four stripes, it means that they are a captain.

I had fantasized about him taking his throttle and setting his thrust at the maximum power. He’d be inside my cockpit and taking the control yoke into his hands. We would certainly be flying that night. Too bad it never happened.

So as the song goes, “I love a man in a uniform.”

Yours Truly,
sass c.

September Song Project
Musically Ranting - Uniform

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  1. Haha! Yes, I used to make sure my bra & panties matched (back when I always wore both) just in case I had to be rescued by a fireman. 😉

    1. Haha. I did the same. Now, I hardly ever put a bra on because I’ve been working from home part time.

  2. That is a fun story, sorry that rude lady spoiled the fun. setting his thrust to the maximum power… for sure, I’m adjusting my joystick now thinking about it.

    1. Oh I think it’ll need even more adjusting in the near future 😝

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