Lingerie – Leering Lasciviously At My Laced Body

“I love lingerie and feminine things. It makes me feel nice look good and turn somebody on by doing so. It’s an incredible rush. And when it turns a man on – fantastic. But no matter what, I’m getting off.” – Lorri Bagley



It’s a country song and I am swaying my hips as I dance around the bar. My little black negligee hidden beneath my dress just waiting a man to discover it. The lustful intent to go home with a man evidenced by my lingerie is my little secret.

There he is sitting at the bar with a drink in hand watching my every move.

Well I’ve been watching you girl
The way you move got the room on fire
Oh yeah rock my world
Wanna take you home with me
– Gloriana (Wanna Take You Home With Me)

But the night isn’t so nice when Billy Bob decides to make a scene. Billy Bob tries to kiss me and I smack him across the face for touching me. So Billy Bob leaves with his friends after I rejected him and bruised his ego.

The man at the bar isn’t too keen about what he’s just witnessed. There’s no way he’d let Billy Bob try to sleep with me.

Well I ain’t letting you go
Home with the boy who don’t deserve you
Oh yeah baby don’t say no
I wanna take you home with me

He set his drink down and approaches me. My back is turned to him, but it doesn’t stop him. His hands land on my hips and he begins to sway with me. My ass grind against him and I can feel his bulge starting to poke through his jeans. His hands wrap around me and begin to roam the front of my body. Every touch is electric.


We dance all night and then the bartender says that it’s last call. The night is ending and the bar is about to close, but it’s clear that neither of us is ready to say goodbye.

Oh my time does fly
Two a.m. and the bar is closing
Are we saying goodbye
Or are you coming home with me

I turn around and like what I see. He’s a handsome devil and I’m ready to let him ravish me. He pulls me close and whispers in my ear, “I want to take you back to my place. Will you come home with me?” No words need to be said as my lips crash against his.

His tongue enters my mouth and he tastes like the whiskey he was drinking earlier. I feel his hands cradling my ass when the bouncer tells us that it’s time for us to leave.

We barely make it through his front door as the kissing continues. He points to his room and tells me, “Take off your dress and wait for me on the bed.”

I wanna hear your boots knocking down that hallway
Right on through that bedroom door
I wanna lay you down next to me (next to me)
I wanna ease your mind and maybe set you free

My hips sway as I walk to his room to seduce him even more. I get to his room and strip out of my dress. Left in my black lingerie, I get into his bed and lie there seductively.


He walks into the room and sees me in my lingerie. His eyes roam my body and he inspects every inch of me. I grab my breast and begin to squeeze it. “Touch me,” I whimper.

He slowly removes his clothing until he’s naked with his cock standing at attention. My cunt grows even more wet and I completely soak through my panties.

Lay your body next to me
All your troubles up and leave
Ease my mind and set me free
Come on come on

He joins me on the bed and pins me down. His body slowly grinds against me and all that separates us is my thin little piece of lingerie. I moan as he begins to suck on my neck. He pulls away to remove my negligee. As soon as my breasts are free, his mouth is wrapped around one and his hand fondles the other.

The aching between my legs grows. I need to feel him inside of me so I buck my hips and down trying to feel his erection. His lips travel south as he lands kisses down my abdomen. He gets to my cunt that is still covered by lace black panties. The last of my lingerie is being tugged off and he licks his lips when he sees how wet I am.


He gives my slit a lick before he gets on top of me. His cock is lined up with my mouth and I finally get a taste. Enthusiastically, I take his cock into my mouth and begin sucking as his face dives into my cunt. With the taste of precum on my lips, he stops eating me out.

I’m once again being pinned down as his cock sit near my cunt’s entrance. He enters me slowly and our bodies rock in sync. The sex is sensual and amazing. I can feel every inch of him filling the depths of me. His eyes grow dark and his breathing becomes shallow as he releases his seed in me.

He rolls off of me and we lie there catching our breaths. I begin to get up to leave when he pulls me back into bed. “Where do you think you’re going?”

Maybe stay with me tonight
Hug and squeeze and hold me tight
Kiss your face in morning light
Come on come on

He flips me onto my stomach and tugs on my hips. I get on all fours and arch my back so my ass is in the air. He pushes my face into the pillows and he grabs my hips. Spanks across my ass several times before his cock thrusts into my cunt. This time is faster and harder. It’s raw and it’s primal. He’s hungry for me and he’s fucking me.

I can hear and feel his balls slapping against me. It’s rough and it’s hot. But it feel so good.

Morning comes and we haven’t gotten any sleep. It’s been a night full of fucking and cuddling in between.

sass c.

September Song Project
Musically Ranting - Lingerie

sass c.

i'm just your average girl with a dirty mind. young, asian and submissive...does that pique your interest? constantly in a battle with myself whether to stay confined by my cultural values or to break free like the freak i am.

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  1. I think my favorite Gloriana song is “How Far Do You Wanna Go.” And I can just imagine how many people would answer that band’s question with “I wanna go home with YOU.” *laugh*

    Fun scene.

    1. Haha. My favorite song of theirs is a tie between Go On…Miss Me and (Kissed You) Good Night. I love their album A Thousand Miles Left Behind. It’s sad that they split.

  2. I enjoyed your sexy story, as I read I felt like I was there. That would be some night to experience. Now I have to listen to this song, very clever piece.

    1. I’ve never left a bar with a guy that I didn’t arrive with. But there’s a thrill in the thought of it.

      1. It is definitely a thrill.

  3. I really love this fantasy, and you have written it in such a way, that I thought it might truly have happened 😉
    ~ Marie

    1. The only part that took inspiration from real life is dancing with a guy without have even seen his face. I backed it up into a guy and started grinding against him. I have no idea who he was, but I chalked it up to the bar being too crowded.

  4. Like elliott said , I felt like I was there. In my fantasy anyway. Very sexy! ❤howie

    1. Thank you. I find it a great compliment to transport a reader to a scene with just words. Hopefully, I’ll be able to write more pieces that do the same.

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