Tie Me Up Tuesday

Arm Restraint – How The Hell Did He Do It?

The current challenge for Tie Me Up Tuesday, is an arm restraint. Two versions require a partner and the one version was meant to be a self-tie.


Patrick Shibari

This is how the arm restraint is supposed to look. There was a link to a YouTube video for the tutorial, but I found myself having to play it over and over again to see the tie around the bicep.

I was so confused because his hand is sort of blocking what he did for part of the tie. So, for about 40 minutes, I would hit pause and rewind on the first like 10 seconds to watch it over and over again. You’d think I’d be an expert at those first the 10 seconds after watching it that many times, but I still felt like I was wearing a dunce cap.

Obviously, mine didn’t come out looking like Patrick Shibari’s version. Out of about twenty attempts, I only had two completed ones. If I had someone to tie me up, I think an arm restraint would definitely come out better.


When I say successful, I use the term very loosely. I really mean that I got through all the steps even though I think some of them were incorrect.

Arm restraint

My first successful attempt was done fully naked so I chose the black rope. Why? It may not standout when I have a black curtain, but I’m so pale that there is definitely a huge contrast between my skin and the rope haha.

Arm restraint
Mirror Selfie

This attempt took about fifteen tries to actually get to this point. I spent about two and a half hours that night and I was getting frustrated that it was not coming out right. Looking at these photos, I think that the problem was the fact that I have giant arms and boobs. So obviously, there’s no way this arm restraint would keep my arm snuggly pressed against my boob. My arm also seems to be short so where the elbow bends is slightly higher than my boob.


I wasn’t happy with the first round of photos so I attempted to do the arm restraint again.

Arm restraint

I wore some lacy black lingerie this time so I decided to go with the red rope. Red and black contrast pretty well and someone told me that the red looks pretty good against my skin.

Something went seriously wrong with this attempt. I thought it was going better than the first time around, but the rope looks like it’s all over the place. I’m a bit confused how Patrick Shibari got that loop in the rope on the outside of his elbow. The loop I had just sagged exactly like gravity had forced my boobs to do in the first attempt.


Being the scatterbrain that I am, I completely forgot to use the new lights I got for the previous attempts. The final attempt (more like several final attempts) incorporated this wire that lights up. It almost looks like it glows in the dark and I’d compare it to a glow stick in wire form.

Arm restraint

This is the final version of the arm restraint before I turned the light off. I used the purple rope and the white el wire. The battery pack for the el wire was tucked into the back of my panties haha.

Arm restraint
Arm restraint

These two images are the final version with the light off, flash on, and el wire. I wish I was a little cleaner with the application of the el wire, but with only one hand available, I think the quality of the wire work is to be expected.

Here we have the final version with the lights off, flash off, and el wire on. I bought a set of several colors of el wire on Amazon. Originally, I saw someone use it on Fetlife and thought it looked cool. The dominant said that he used el wire on his babygirl.

How did I fare compared to Patrick Shibari?

Yours Truly, The Sassy Sub Daily

Tie Me Up Tuesday  - Arm Restraint

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  1. I have absolutely zero experience with rope play….but it sure looks fun! Great pictures 🙂

    1. It is really fun…when you’re not frustrated haha. But I still feel something is missing and that something is a rigger. I think it’s that arousal that when someone else does the tying, I’d be their plaything and someone’s (hopefully Sir’s) hands would be touching and brushing against my bare skin.

      1. I can see how that would be different. Hoping you find a play partner soon 🙂

  2. I am so impressed with your determination. I get so frustrated when rope isn’t working out for me and I am 97% sure that I would have quit after my second attempt, lol. I actually think the black rope attempts look really good and can’t imagine why you weren’t satisfied with them! The look that Patrick got in his tie kinda makes no sense to me. The way you’ve done it it seems like you’ve been successful in the restraining of your arm, right? I think that’s all that counts! I really like the combination you did with your lace bra and the red rope and the light idea is so cool!

    1. Sir suggested that next time I wrap the wire around the rope before actually tying, but the wire isn’t nearly as long as the rope. Plus, if I had to do that, I’d need to use like 10 different wires and would have to stuff 10 battery packs into my panties to hide them haha.

      The last attempt was actually the most restraining. In the first two, it seemed to have gotten a bit loose so I pretty much just pulled the rope off of me without having to untie it. The last attempt, I had to actually untie everything.

      1. Yes, that would make a lot of sense. But sounds very impractical if the wire is tha tmuch shorter haha! Maybe there are longer wires available somewhere? o:

        I have to admit that with my self ties it’s often the tightness that it’s lacking in. I find it really difficult to get that right.

        1. That is often what’s lacking from my self-ties as well especially with ones involving the wrists or arms. I think it’s harder to tighten things with just one hand

  3. This looks great and ten out of ten for perseverance. I would have given up way before then 😊

    1. Motivation to keep going was in hopes of wooing Sir to speak to me. I guess it worked because after the third attempt, he spoke to me again.

  4. […] I’ve linked this to this week’s Tie me up Tuesday prompt “Arm Restriction,” as I’m a little busy packing for my move next week in case I won’t have time to try the Arm Binding Self-Tie, which The Sassy Sub has already attempted here. […]

  5. You are so dedicated. Sass, to have done so many attempts! And I love the images with the wire too. That looks so cool!
    ~ Marie

    1. Thank you. I’m hoping to incorporate the wire in more self-ties. I wonder what the next challenge will be.

  6. Perseverence is the key here, new ties take a while to sink in! I love the wire too, going to head to amazon to see if I can find any to try. Thank you for the idea.

    1. The wire was very affordable. I think I got a pack of 5 in different colors for less than $20.

  7. The tutorial is not the best. I also had to watch the video more than once. The first knot is a half-hitch, that is what gives you the nice bight that wraps around your thumb 🙂
    This one was hardest for me.
    The lights are a nice touch 🙂
    There is lighted “rope” that you can purchase, although it’s quite expensive, but it is on my bucket list 🙂

    1. I distracted myself and had to search for this lighted rope you speak of haha. I saw some online then searched it on Amazon. What’s being sold on Amazon has bad reviews. I wish there was an actual sex shop nearby that sold such a thing so I can see it with my own eyes. I’ve been looking up different self-ties. Hopefully with some practice, I’ll get more creative like some of the people on Fet and be able to come up with my own ties.

      1. It’s electroilluminescense wire. I plan on ordering some. They use it in car manufacturing and back lighting etc. I found a place once, when I find it again I’ll pass on the info 🙂
        The stuff on Amazon is poor quality for sure, but maybe good for one or two ties.
        Love the idea of your own ties:)

  8. I could not fathom doing that one handed. Nice work and you look a hell of a lot sexier than Patirck Shibari. The el wire shot is cool.

    1. I’m glad that you think so. I’m glad that you like my boobs. 😉

      1. I do, very much.

        1. Oh I know you do.

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