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Sex On The Beach – A Seduction By The Sea

I lie here in lacy lingerie while lover tells me that he’s gone swimming at the beach. Fantasies fill my mind about having sex on the beach.


The summer heat is rather unbearable this August and the beach is normally ten to fifteen degrees cooler. So I head down to the local beach. It’s rather crowded, but there’s still some space.

I lay my towel down on the sand and remove my shirt and shorts so I’m left in my swimsuit. Putting on my sunscreen seems like an easy task until I reach my back. Straining to reach behind me, I suddenly see him. He’s shirtless and he’s closer to the water, but I can tell it’s him clear as day.

My lover is here and we hadn’t planned it. I pull out my phone and text him, “I spy with my little eye, a sexy, shirtless man wearing blue and white swim trunks.” He takes out his phone and looks at it before beginning to look around. Lover knows that I see him so now, he’s trying to find me. His eyes land on me and a smirk forms on his face. Sure, he’s seen me naked plenty of times, but he’s never seen me in a swimsuit.

He walks toward me and I seductively gesture for him to come closer. When he reaches me, his arms wrap around my waist as he kisses me. His hands wander to my ass and he cups each cheek. I can hear him groan and I know it’s because this swimsuit is a bit cheeky and my ass cheeks are exposed.

Never Have I Ever…Had Sex On The Beach

“I didn’t know you were going to be here.” Lover looks at me inquisitively.

“It was too hot at home so I decided to come here. But I burn easily in the sun so can you rub some sunscreen on my back.”

He smirks and grabs the sunscreen out of my bag. “Of course. Lie down.” I lie down and he unties the back of my swimsuit and pulls the straps off my arms. If I were to sit up now, my tits would be completely out.

He begins to rub the sunscreen all over my back then he moves down and rubs it onto my ass cheeks. His hands caress my ass and my cunt starts to get wet. I came to beach to cool off, but it seems like things are only going to heat up.

He moves to the back of my thighs with every stroke, he moves toward my inner thighs. The heat is on and I can feel myself aching for his touch. Lover starts to rub my cunt through my bathing suit and I gasp.

“Never have I ever had sex on the beach.”

Sun, Sand, And Tans

Lover grins upon hearing my confession. He leans into my body and whispers in my ear, “I’ve never had sex on the beach either, but that will change tonight.” Lust fills me knowing the naughty things lover will do to me in the sand.

Lover pulls off my swimsuit completely so that I am naked. Embarrassed, I try to cover up, but he pins my arms down. “Hun, we’re at a nude beach. And, while I do like seeing you in a swimsuit, I’d much rather see you naked.” My resistance dies down and my arousal grows knowing that my body is now on display for others to see.

He removes his swim trunks and lies next to me. His boner was obvious with the trunks, but wow, without them, he truly is standing at attention. Lover catches me staring at his cock. “Later, hun. You’ll get plenty of it later.”

We lay there talking, napping, and tanning until evening comes and the sun starts setting. He stands up to look around and see if the coast is clear. I stand up with him and feel the graininess of the sand between my toes.

Sex On The Beach

Without warning, he pushes me to the ground. His lips are on my lips and I can feel his cock growing once again. I giggle and squirm as his lips part from mine. He looks into my eyes and I give him my cheeky smile as I always do and he returns the smile.

“After tonight, you’ll no longer be able to say, ‘Never have I ever had sex on the beach.’” He whispers in my ear. His hand slides down my body to feel the wetness of my cunt. Moaning and more squirming as his flicks my clit. I’m soaking wet now and he brings his fingers up to his lips and licks them. “Mm, that taste I love.”

I push my body off the ground trying to get closer to his cock. He grabs my legs and spreads them further then proceeds to thrust into me. “Ah babe. Mmf ahhh ohhh uhhh.” With each thrust I moan a bit louder.

“Oh yeah. Oh yeah. You like that hun?”


His mouth is now sucking my right nipple. It’s something he likes to do. He thrusts into me and sucks my nipples until he’s about ready to cum.

I can feel the cool breeze as the sun goes down, but the warmth of his body is all I need. “You want it, hun?”

“Yes, babe.”

His thrusts get faster and harder. “Ahhh.” I can see his eyes clothes and his mouth open. Lover is definitely cumming inside me. My cunt begins to pulsate as he’s filling me with his seed. Panting and gripping his hair as I reach my high. He collapses on me, but leaves his cock inside me. My breathing trying to recover. We just had sex on the beach.

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Fun Theme Photo Meme - Sex on the Beach

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  1. Sexy!!!

  2. Lacy lingerie always fuels my lust. I like yours.

    1. Thanks. This one came in a set…much to my surprise, the other part to the set was a pair of crotchless panties

  3. Well that’s a hot story! Suddenly I wanna go to the beach lol

    Thank you for sharing a gorgeous image too!


    1. Hahaha. I’ve heard stories that sex on the beach isn’t that fun because the sand gets into your bits, but maybe, I’ll just let it stay a fantasy so I don’t ruin the fun it seems like it would be when I envision it in my head haha.

  4. musjan says:

    this is an amazing story, i love it

    1. Thank you.

  5. mmm such a hot story, but it’s your beautiful image that got all my attention 🙂
    ~ Marie

    1. Thanks. I’ve been browsing online for new lingerie haha. I have very few sexy pieces and have been wanting more for photos.

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