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Our Defining Moment

“You were an unexpected surprise.
The defining moment. The collision of stars that slammed into me hard and sent my neat little world plummeting into the ocean.
I never expected it to be you, you know?
But it is you. It’s all you. And now there’s no looking back.” – Beau Taplin

As of Tuesday, lover and I have been together for seven months. I’ve felt like I was in a bit of limbo for a while. Lover may not have realized that Tuesday marked seven months on the dot, but it’s also the day that things changed. It feels like it was our defining moment.


Dictionary.com defines a defining moment as, “a point at which the essential nature or character of a person, group, etc., is revealed or identified.”

But what do these moments look like in relationships? Cosmopolitan listed these 14 things as the best moments in every relationship:

  1. The first time you hang out one-on-one (and yes, Netflixing counts).
  2. That first awkward, nervous pause right before your first kiss.
  3. The first time you bone.
  4. The first time you stay the night instead of abruptly peacing-out like Cinderella the second it hits 2 a.m.
  5. When you did nothing in bed together and it was amazing.
  6. The moment you realize their family could also be your family (and you’re OK with that).
  7. When picking your partner up at the airport felt like the best moment in the world.
  8. Buying a second toothbrush to keep at their house.
  9. When you had an insane fight, but you knew you never wanted to break up.
  10. When you accidentally blurted out “I love you” and waited to hear them say it back.
  11. When you went on a couples vacation that still feels like one of the high points of your relationship.
  12. Getting a dog and realizing you are successfully raising a living thing together.
  13. When you powered through the hard times together, and they seemed a little less hard with your partner by your side.
  14. Any time you really, truly, just have a day to yourselves.

We’ve share several of these moments over the past seven months and they’ve made me fall for him a bit more each time. The moments in bold are specifically the ones that we have shared so far.

Staying the night is something that is on our list and it was supposed to happen back in March then quarantine started. Often times, his kid will ask to come over at night to get away from the mom so it’s made it a bit more difficult to get a night together. Weekends have become a bit more off limits than they were before COVID.

Picking him up at the airport is not even an option now. Neither of us are traveling anywhere because who would let us fly into their country or state without expecting us to quarantine for 14 days.

Blurting out “I love you” may come soon. It’s on my mind frequently. Every time I text him, I want to end it with, “Love you.” But, I still want him to say it first. I think I’d feel more secure that way because now I’m scared that if I do say it first he will runaway.

And a couples vacation would have happened this year to celebrate our birthdays, but again, we’re in the midst of a pandemic.


On Tuesday, I went to see lover after work. It was hot and well above 90F. We greet each other with a hug and kiss. I set my things down and he closes the door. Standing there, we begin to make out like a pair of crazy in love teenagers. His hands wander up the back of my dress and surprise, no panties again. I can feel his cock getting hard and it starts to poke me. Lover squeezes my ass so I begin rubbing his cock through his pants.

He says, “Gosh it’s so hot in here that I need to take my clothes off already.” We head to the bedroom and he takes off shirt. The kisses resume and I’m still rubbing his cock. He takes off his shorts and pulls his cock out of his boxer-briefs. His hands are now sliding up the front of my dress so he can feel how wet I am. Lover stand behind me and pulls my dress off of me. My bra comes off and his boxers come off as well.

His arms wrap around me and I lean my head back into the crook of his neck. My boobs are now being cupped and squeezed by his hands. We’re so close that I can feel his cock at the entrance of my ass. I bend over for him and he begins playing with my clit. Bent over the foot of the bed, he spreads my ass cheeks and pushes the tip of his cock into my ass.

He thrusts the tip of his cock in and out of my ass as I moan. In terms of sex, this is the most primal we have been with each other. Lover pushes me on the bed and sits on top of me. He says he wants to go deeper, but being flat on my stomach I guess make my ass clench a bit so pushing deeper made it hurt a lot. My ass is still sore today.

We stop and later he has me flip onto my back. He cleans up and then climbs on top of me and thrusts his cock into my cunt. We both pant and moan until he cums inside me.


It was truly hot and sweaty sex, but the literal temperature in the bedroom became too high so he made a makeshift bed on the floor in the living room. We moved to the floor and cuddle. Cuddling is quite normal for us and I love when he holds me.

We talked like we always do. Then there was a point when we both sat up. We were sitting crossed legged across from each other. Our knees were touching and we were still naked.

Lover opened up to me about how his ex had hurt him. He got quiet and we got even closer. Our foreheads were resting against each other’s as he told me about how jaded he was and how he didn’t know if he could ever trust again.

We sat there holding each other. No other words had to be spoken. We’re both rather jaded yet I’ve become vulnerable with him and in that moment, he was vulnerable with me.

It wasn’t one of those big moments on Cosmopolitan’s list. We didn’t profess our love for each other. But it was our defining moment. It was choosing to trust each other just a bit more even though we’re both jaded. And nothing says, “I want you in my life,” more than letting someone in.


After the emotions calmed down a bit, we started talking about these old white men dating really young Asian girls. He brought up a friend of his that did so and laughed saying that was now him. I hugged him and said, “Yes that’s because I’m your young Asian girl.” Lover smiled and hugged me back and agreed.

It was another defining moment as it was in a way, defining the relationship. It gave a bit more clarity about where I stood and what we are. I am his girl and he is my man.

Yours Truly,
The Sassy Sub Daily

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4 Thoughts or Fiction - Defining Moment
sass c. in love - defining moment

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  1. Beautiful romance, sassy <3

    1. Thank you.

  2. This was very hot Sassy c and lso I am pleased you shared such a close moment
    May x

    1. I am too. I needed it because for a while I wasn’t sure if feelings were one sided.

  3. Oh those moments are so beautiful, Sass, so special. That last sentence really says it all 🙂
    ~ Marie

  4. I love this ❤️

  5. I love those unspoken moments. They speak so much deeper than words ever can, and somehow mark your soul 🙂

    1. For sure as it’s a moment I’ll never forget. Though, it was a bit sad, it makes me smile. I don’t smile for what happened to him, but for the fact that he decided to trust me with that piece of his life.

  6. That sounds like a very special and intimate defining moment indeed 🙂

    1. It was, but I think it scared him a bit. I don’t think he’s ready to be in love with someone so it feels like he is fighting it. After that moment, it felt like he was pulling back a bit, but I know it’s not because he doesn’t want me. This week, when we were together, he showed just how much he wanted me, but in terms of emotional vulnerability, I know he’s trying to push me away out of fear. We both thought this was just going to something fun and casual, but it’s clear that it became something more

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