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How is this possible? Sasha’s eyes must be playing tricks on her. 

Carina runs towards Sasha and embraces her. “Oh Maddie, I’ve missed you.”

Sasha is a bit confused because all this time she thought her sister was dead. Seeing the startled look on Sasha’s face, Carina wants to tell her everything.

“I’m sorry. You must not be used to being Madelyn anymore. It’s just that the last time I saw you, you were still little Maddie, my baby sister.”

“But, but you died. I went to your funeral; we buried you next to mom and dad.”

Sasha turns to Dimitri trying to piece together what’s been happening. The little boy holding Carina’s hand begins to fuss with all the noise on the airfield. Carina runs off toward a black town car to tend the young boy. 

“Dimitri? What’s going on? How is she here?”

He completely ignores her questions. “We shouldn’t stay out here in the open. Let’s go back to the manor.”

Dimitri joins Carina and the young boy in the town car. Sasha follows, but Ruslan stops her and pulls her toward another car. “We’ll be riding separately.”

Sasha gets into the car and Ruslan jumps into the driver’s seat. “Ruslan?”

“Hmm…” Ruslan turns towards Sasha. 

“How is Carina alive? And who was that little boy?”

“Remember how I told you that Vince originally wanted your sister. Well, he had tried to kidnap her multiple times so she went into hiding. But two weeks before you coincidentally met Vince, he had found her and she miscarried her first child. The stress was too much on her pregnancy so a week later, we helped her fake her death. The following week, Vince went after you. He acted so fast with you that we didn’t have time to get you to safety.”

“If she miscarried, who was the young boy?”

“In the time you’ve lived with Dimitri, he’s made multiple business trips. Has he not?”

“Yes, yes, he’s gone for nearly three weeks out of the month.”

“He had been coming here each time to take care of Carina and well, she got pregnant again about three years ago. That young boy is now two and he’s your nephew, Alex.”

Not knowing how to react, Sasha found herself sitting in silence until she decided to peek out the window. She realized they were approaching a giant manor. Sasha was startled when Ruslan opened the car door as she didn’t realize the car had stopped.

Still in shock, Sasha has trouble getting out of the car. Ruslan helps her and wraps his arm around her waist to steady her as she walks toward the manor. Sasha looks up and sees Alex peek out the window. He looks curious. 

They walk in the manor and Alex hides behind the sofa. Sasha takes in her surroundings and Alex begins to peek out from behind the sofa. Alex may be a bit confused as Sasha and Carina look very similar. Sasha plays peek-a-boo with Alex and he begins laughing. He eventually runs off to find his parents. 

“Let’s get you settled.” Sasha turns to face Ruslan and nods. She begins to take in all his features and he really is a handsome man. Ruslan leads Sasha upstairs and shows her the room she’ll be staying in. It was bigger than her room in Moscow. 

“Wow! This is huge. That bed looks like it could fit ten people.”

Ruslan smirks and laughs. “There’s a wardrobe full of clothes for you. I tried to pick out several things for you, but Carina laughed at my choices and took over.”

“Ruslan, who’s house is this?”

“It was gifted to Carina from Dimitri’s relatives. Dimitri had asked if she could stay here after we faked her death. They agreed, but when she birthed a baby boy, they gave the property to her. His family was waiting for an heir to the empire as Dimitri’s brothers married women who couldn’t bear children.”

“Do you live here too?”

“Yes and no. When Dimitri would go back to Moscow, he would ask me to stay here with Carina. Since I was here so often, he made up a bedroom for me. But I have my own place in Leeds. When Vince was released from prison, I spent more time at my parents’ place in Moscow to make sure you were safe.”

“Why would you go through so much trouble for me?”

“It wasn’t any trouble. Dimitri is my best friend and like a brother to me.” Ruslan mumbled under his breath, “And I have a crush on you.”

“Well, I’ll let you get settled. There’s a shower down the hall. Come down for dinner when you’re ready.” Ruslan walks toward the door. 

“Wait!” Ruslan turns around and Sasha practically jumps on top of him trying to give him a hug. “Thank you.”  She kisses him on the cheek before he nods and walks out. 

Sasha starts to look through the clothes in the wardrobe, but every time she hears a noise, she decides to peek out the window. She’s scared that Vince has followed her here as well. There is nothing outside so she goes back to picking an outfit. She lays the clothes on the bed and walks down the hall to shower. 

When she finishes her shower, she realizes there are no towels in the bathroom. Sasha peeks out the door and sees no one in the hallway so she darts out toward her room. Before she reaches her room, Ruslan walks out of his room and sees her completely naked. Sasha tries to cover up, but it’s too late. Both Ruslan and Sasha turn bright. 

“Oh um, there were no towels.”

Ruslan takes off his shirt and throws it at her. “I didn’t see anything.” That’s a lie. 

Sasha puts on his shirt and stares at Ruslan’s chiseled chest before running to her room. She throws herself onto the bed and buries her head in her hands in embarrassment.

Picking her pride off the floor, she changes into the outfit she has on her bed and heads downstairs for dinner. She’s wearing leather pants and a white camisole that has lace on the neckline. Ruslan, already sitting at the table, stares at her body. When Sasha looks his way, he turns his head away. 

Dinner is awkward. No one knows what to say to each. Sasha is still in shock about Carina and Carina is afraid that Sasha is mad at her. Dimitri is worried about starting a war about keeping Carina’s livelihood a secret. And Ruslan and Carina are still thinking about their little run in from earlier. 

After dinner, everyone heads to their own rooms. Sasha picks up Ruslan’s shirt. She was going to return it to him, but she would rather sleep in it instead. So she puts on his shirt and gets into bed. 

3am. Silence. She wakes up again and hears a noise. She walks to the window and decides to peek. Sasha sees a shadow moving and gets scared. Crawling back into bed, she thinks she hears footsteps. 

She’s too scared so she gets up again and decides to peek out into the hallway. No one is there so she runs to Ruslan’s door and knocks. Ruslan opens the door and she hugs him in the midst of her shivering. He pulls her in and closes the door.

To be continued…

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  1. You really know how to build up the tension and keep us on the edge of or chairs. Looking forward to read on 🙂
    ~ Marie

    1. Thank you. It’s been fun to write a fictional piece that doesn’t revolve around sex for a change. It allows for different directions…when I’d write pieces having to do with sex, I felt stuck to the same storylines.

  2. Loving this and happy to have u in the fiction relay
    May x

    1. Thank you. Looking forward to the relay.

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