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Sixth Sense In The Silence

Content warning: this story contains violence and abuse. If you are underage or sensitive to such material, please do not proceed.


Silence. It’s 3am. Sasha wakes up and rises in her bed. She shivers as chills flow down her spine. Her green eyes now glossed over as the goosebumps appear on her forearms. 

It’s happening again and she can’t explain it. She never remembers her dreams, but she always remembers the feelings she gets upon waking from them. 

Panting and trying to catch her breath, Sasha knows something is coming. Her sixth sense is never wrong.

Footsteps. “Who’s there?” There’s no answer; the footsteps get closer. “I said, ‘Who’s there?’” Sasha’s voice gets louder out of fear of what may be coming. 

Silence. Sasha grabs the bat next to her bed and hides under the covers. She’s hoping it’s just another one of her nightmares. Then, the door handle begins to turn. 

Terrified, her sixth sense is telling her that there is danger. She feels fingers brushing along the covers. Suddenly, the duvet is pulled away from her and she finally sees him. 

He’s back. “No, no this can’t be happening. Please leave me alone.” 

He cracks his neck then a deep laugh emerges from him. “You thought you could get away that easily?”

Sasha tries to swing the bat at him, but he catches it and throws it across the room. “Please, Vince, please go away.”

“I told you from the start that you were mine. You can’t get away that easily.”

A million thoughts begin to cross her mind. “I should have trusted my instinct six years ago. Leaving Gordo’s Pub with him was a bad idea. But I was so desperate that I left with him anyway. A one-night stand turned into a massive nightmare.”

Her sixth sense told her that Vince was dangerous and that she needed to stay away, but Sasha thought he was hot and needed a good lay. After that night, the phone calls and texts started. Vince would get hostile if she turned him down. He knew where she lived so she was afraid of saying no to him. 

So Sasha began catering to him and his needs. He was violent and controlling. The sex was often painful as he didn’t care about her and just wanted to use her as a personal sex doll. But she stayed with him because the alternative seemed much worse at the time. She was afraid that Vince would come after her if she left. 

When Vince got arrested for embezzling money, Sasha was relieved. It was her chance to escape and start over. 

She left the country and changed her name. No longer Madelyn Carmichael, but now Sasha Ivanovo. She started a life with her former brother-in-law, Dimitri Ivanov. Her sister had passed away a year prior, but he still stayed in contact with her family. Sasha had reached out to him and he helped her move to Moscow. 

She stayed with Dimitri as she was scared to be on his own, but Dimitri was often away on business. Sasha’s sixth sense kicked in when Dimitri went abroad to the UK. She had this funny feeling that something was going to happen. 

Five years after she escaped from Vince, she really wasn’t free from him. “H-h-how did you find me?”

Vince pulls out his phone and shows her several news articles about Dimitri. He’s very well known in Russia. In the background of one of the photos, she sees herself. It was as clear as day. Vince shows her a video and she sees herself walking out of this very estate. 

Her sixth sense was right about someone coming after her. Unfortunately, this someone is a criminal and a stalker who won’t let her go. 

“H-h-how did you get in here?” 

Vince smirked and moves his jacket out of the way. Sasha looked down at the side of his hip and sees that he has a gun. She quivers in fear that she may be going back to the life she so desperately tried to get away from. 

Vince grabs her and throws her over his shoulder and begins to carry her out. “You’re going to wish you never left.”

Tears stream down Sasha’s face. The smell of urine fills the air as she pisses herself in her terrified state. Vince’s jacket becomes soaked in her urine and quickly pinches her tightly. Her tears fall faster and faster from the pain. 

“Please please let me go. You don’t need me.”

Silence. Sasha would rather die than go back to her former life. She screams and kicks, unafraid of dying. “Put me down! Let me go!” 

He’s too strong. Finally, Sasha bites down hard. Her teeth pierce through his clothing and get a piece of his flesh. He screams and drops her. She begins running. Sasha looks back to make sure he isn’t catching up to her when she runs into something solid. She turns to see a dark figure. 

The dark figure grabs and runs out of the house. He puts her in a car and drives off. Sasha gets a better look at his face. She’s seen him with Dimitri before. 

“Dimitri called and said it wasn’t safe for you at the estate. He asked me to get you and bring you to the UK for the time being.”

She finally placed him. The dark figure is Dimitri’s mysterious best friend. You only ever get a glance at him before he disappears. Sasha studies his face. It’s worn and tired. 

“Who are you? Where’s Vince?” 

“Don’t worry about him. He won’t be bothering you for a while.”

I turn around a look back at the estate and see police cars surrounding the building. 

“Do you ever wonder why he was after you?”


“He wanted your sister, Carina, but she was in love with Dimitri.” He turns to me. “You look just like her.”

We arrive at an airfield and get on a chartered plane. Seven hours later, we land in Manchester. We get off the plane and Dimitri is there to greet us. 

“Thank you, Ruslan.” She finally knew his name. 

Out from behind Dimitri comes a woman with a young boy. 


To be continued…

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Wicked Wednesday - Sixth Sense

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  1. Sass, you’ve got me hooked on this one. I want to read on 🙂
    ~ Marie

    1. Thanks. I had started writing something else, but I scrapped it because I didn’t like the plot. Then I started writing this story and I was in a dark mood haha.

  2. Seems to be the beginning of a great story. I hope we get to read more soon 🙂

    1. Thanks. There will definitely be another part to the story…I just have to settle on what direction I want it to go in.

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