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Foot Harness On Pointe

“Dancing is the poetry of the foot.” – John Dryden

“That foot is not on pointe!” My ballet teacher used to yell at me. I was never the best ballet dancer as I’m highly uncoordinated. My pirouettes were sloppy and sucking in my gut while dancing was uncomfortable. I refused to eat air because I needed a bit more to stay alive. From an early was obvious that I would not advance to dancing with a company


This week for MLSlavePuppet’s Tie Me Up Tuesday, the prompt is a foot harness or a heel tie. Seeing as though I don’t own any heels because I’ve managed to mangle a foot wearing them, I did the foot harness. The tutorial of the foot harness is by Better Call It Art. Every time I see that name, I think of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.

This tie was a lot easier than the ties in past prompts most likely because it didn’t involve any blind ties. I decided to use the purple rope. Though, when I had finish the tie, I wish I had pink rope.

This tie was the first one that only took me one attempt to do. I also like the pictures of the ties. But, I may try it again with both feet tied and pose.


When my foot was tied, it reminded me of ballet. The purple rope looked elegant against my pale skin. And the place of the rope seemed to hide the more ugly parts of my foot.

Of course I had to edit the photos a bit to conceal anything that would give away my identity. But other than that, I didn’t have to change the lighting or play around with the exposure or contrast.

For some reason, this foot harness just reminded me of ballet. I kept my toes pointed for this photo and this is the reason why I had mentioned I wanted pink rope earlier.

This photo just reminded me of having to do tendus in ballet. My feet aren’t the most delicate looking so my tendu isn’t as graceful as it looks in my head.

I don’t think I can stand on pointe anymore. My ballet slippers are long gone, but the foot harness just seemed to bring back so many memories about ballet. Perhaps, I can still stand in relevé.

I think I will try to redo the tie once I get some pink rope in, but I’ll do both feet and maybe I’ll surprise you with some ballet moves/positions.

Yours Truly,
The Sassy Sub Daily

Tie Me Up Tuesday - Foot

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  1. I also think of ballet when I see your pictures. It looks so pretty and elegant on you. Did you find it comfortable to wear? I really hope you will try it with pink rope and on both feet. I think that’d look amazing. I’m so glad this tie worked well for you and it gave you all these memories

    1. Yes, it was rather comfortable…except for the rope being too long haha. I nearly tripped over the excess haha. I did try it with the pink rope. Depending on the next tie, I hope to add lights to it. I saw images on fet. This girl was tied up, but intertwined with the rope were lights and it was stunning.

      1. Haha! Glad it was only a near trip 😉
        Adding lights sounds like a really cool idea!

  2. Looks good! Don;t worry about the ropes being too long. Most rigger cut their rope specifically to their bottoms specifications. Not a lot of foot ties happening that I’ve seen though. lol. And you can always use the extra for “other” things 🙂

    1. Thanks. I now have a giant collection of ropes haha. It should help it there’s a tie that requires a lot of rope because I’d prefer it to be one color.

      1. Mister K and i use a 100 foot rope for many prompts. We’ve even made an entire outfit. It takes practice but become easier with time. A good amount of rope comes in handy, and will not go to waste 🙂

        1. Oh wow. I get tangled in 30 feet of rope haha. I can’t imagine trying to self tie with 100 feet. I just see a cartoon comedy playing in my head of the mess I’d be entangled in hahaha.

  3. This looks lovely! And you are right, there is a ballet feeling about it.

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