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The Accident – My Vagina Caught On Camera

In my relationship with lover, we experience an accident every now and then. From getting caught in bed by his kid to his sex seeing some of our private texts, something was bound to happen sooner or later.


Lover and I video chat when we can’t see each other. We’ve been together for about seven months and being without him is hard. I wish we could go to sleep together each night and wake up to each other every morning. But he has a kid and that tends to make planning for a future with him a bit more difficult.

A couple months ago, I had posted about one of our video chats. It got hot and heavy like they normally do and his kid heard our moans and groans. We never mean for his kid to catch us. When he caught us in bed, it was an accident. His kid wasn’t supposed to be at his place that weekend.

But with technology involved in some of our more scandalous affairs, an accident isn’t such a rarity.


A couple of weeks ago, lover and I video chatted. He asked me to show him my cunt so I moved my phone down so he could see.

Suddenly, I hear lover say, “Oops what was that?” I moved the phone back up so he could see my face and he said he took a picture by accident. He hit some random buttons and one of the buttons happened to snap a picture.


Lover said, “I wonder what I took a picture of.” I told him that he probably took a picture of my cunt. He checked his camera roll and sure enough, there was a picture of my vagina. He said, “Oh yeah. That’s a pretty nice view.”

I spread my cunt lips for him because I know it arouses him. So there it happened, my vagina on display by accident. Seeing my cunt is normal for him. He knows my body well, both its curves and its inner parts. Lover sent me the photo that he took by accident and we proceeded with our steamy video chat.

He sure kept it. Lover keeps all the pictures of me. In fact, he would tell me that he was jerking off to a picture of me. It’s rather flattering that the man I’m in love with still finds me sexually arousing.

Yours Truly,
The Sassy Sub Daily

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sass c. in love - accident

sass c.

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  1. Being apart is hard hey!

    Ben and I were on different continents for the first few months of corona.
    We were trying to keep our sex life alive…but technology was not on our side.
    He used to borrow a jeep to go for a drive and then try to have a private phone-call with me…the phone signal was always so bad! I remember once I heard this sound, which I thought at first was Ben getting himself all excited and breathing heavily on the phone…but it turned out it was the rickety overheated engine whirring and clicking and hissing.

    He had next to zero privacy so video calls were never going to work. That’s why we started our erotic emails to each other. He would graphically describe what he wanted to do to me…and we ended up playing around with fantasy scenes. That is how we worked up writing together. I think it’s gonna be fun doing this with him. Everytime he goes overseas we have a private little fantasy forum between us that we can use to keep the fires burning.

    1. If only lover could do something like this. He’s not great when it comes to communicating via writing. Before we got together, he pretended that he was because he wanted to be with me. Now that he’s comfortable with me, I guess he feels like he no longer has to impress me. So if we sext, it’s mainly me painting the scenario and him going, “Oh yes. That’s so hot.” Haha. Video chats and phone calls are the only way to get him to engage more…especially video chats. He’s a very visual person so he needs to see me to really get into it.

      Sir was much better at writing fantasies. I wish he had time to do so now, but he’s too busy. Maybe, we were just in the honeymoon phase then and now we’re in the “old married couple” phase (though we’re not married).

  2. Sometimes a random shot can be so sexy 😉
    ~ Marie

    1. I’d rather not look at just a cunt and some men have told me they’d rather see a full naked body than just a cunt picture. But for some reason, lover always wants to see. Even when we’re together, he’ll open my legs and look at it. It’s fine with me though because he always goes down on me after that haha.

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