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DOMS – When Pain Meets Pleaure

“DOMS: Proof that you pushed yourself. So enjoy the pain.” – Unknown

Dom or DOMS

I’m waddling like a duck. Yes, you’re most likely thinking that I just got jackhammered by a massive cock. Was this my Dom or DOMS?

Panting and sweating from the intensity. Grunts and moans as my hips hinge. Was this my Dom or will this give me DOMS?

Explosive movements. It’s about power and determination. Was this my Dom or will this cause DOMS?

Deeper and deeper as time goes on. Yes, I surely feel it in my core. Was this my Dom or am I going to have DOMS?


DOMS refers to Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness and it normally peaks 2-3 days after working out. The answer the questions in the above section is DOMS.

Over the years of on and off training, I’ve experienced my fair share. I think this is how I learned that I liked a bit of pain…maybe even got a bit a pleasure out of it. To me the muscle soreness is a good sort of pain and I enjoy it.


This week, I lifted weights twice and also got in some cardio via sex with lover. I’m still sore even as I write this.

Diet is also a big part of looking and feeling good so I went back to one liquid meal and two solid meals a day. I noticed myself getting hungrier faster because my body isn’t used to the diet change. My muscles are also eating up the calories quicker than normal because they are trying to repair themselves.

I don’t think I’ve lost any inches in a week, but it’s okay because it takes time. The hunger should go away in a couple of weeks when my body adjusts as this was my lifestyle in the past.

I’ve been tired this whole week. I slept for about 11 hours last night. But sleep is a big component in fitness as your body needs time to recover.

In terms of mental strength, it’s been okay as I’ve had Sir and lover there to support me. The motivation of being able to one day show them my sexy body also helps as well.

Yours Truly, The Sassy Sub Daily

Fitness Friday - DOMS

sass c.

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  1. You are doing what is right for you, and that’s always good. I think the tiredness might also be because of your change of diet, as our bodies need to get used to the less sugar we feed it. Good luck with week 2. You’ve got this 🙂
    ~ Marie

    1. Thanks. My diet was like this before quarantine. Hopefully, I’ll get used to it quickly.

  2. I love it when my body tells me it needs more than eight hours sleep. It makes such a difference mentally, emotionally and physically. Keep well hydrated too. Hope you reach your goals <3

    1. My body has been telling me all sorts of crazy things. Maybe it’s a sign of aging, but it’s as if overnight, my body was unable to tolerate many foods anymore. Thanks for your support.

  3. I am a great believer on giving in to sleep – it is your body telling you something. Good luck Sass C – I admire your determination
    May x

    1. Yes, I’m a fan of the snooze button. It gets used very often. I think I’ve managed to get more sleep due to the lockdown.

  4. Great job! I do strength training only as my cardio comes every night in the bedroom as well😘 keep going! I’m a strong believer in muscle memory so your body should adjust quickly!

    1. Haha that’s the best cardio and the only cardio I enjoy. I’m sure it burns more calories than something like running too.

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