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Self-Love – Starting A Journey

“Self-love is not selfish; you cannot truly love another until you know how to love yourself.” – Unknown

A friend of mine used to tell me not to complain unless I was going to do something to change my situation.


I’ve struggled with body image for most of my life. In fact, I suffered from eating disorders as a teenager. I remember the words a boy said to me when I was thirteen years old; he didn’t like my body. This same boy was a boy who often flirted with me. He was a year older than me. But being distraught by his words, I refused to eat. I wanted to be skinny because apparently that’s what boys liked.

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about gaining weight during lockdown. I wasn’t happy about my body, but it’s something that I can definitely change so I implemented Fitness Friday.

But I am reminded by something I once heard. The reason to work on your body shouldn’t be self-hate; it should be self-love. If we have no self-love, we will never be content with our bodies. So I have to remind myself of what my body is capable of doing rather than dwelling on what it cannot do.


It was rather difficult finding the motivation to start changing my habits, but I just had to do it. Though my body couldn’t do what it used to be able to do, I was diligent in focusing on what I was able to do. I am intent on loving my body through every stage.

One thing I did to help myself grow in the area of self-love was walk around in a sports bra. My midriff was showing, but I need to allow myself to feel comfortable in my own skin.


I think growing in the area of self-love also includes knowing or learning when to ask for help. This is exactly what I did. I’m terrible when it comes to being consistent so I told lover.

Lover is really encouraging and he hasn’t made any comments about the weight gain. And he’s still as excited to get me naked as he was before the belly grew.

I also told Sir because he knows all about my body image issues. He was concerned about my injuries, but I told him that I felt better. Maybe I need Sir to punish me if I’m not consistent. Sir has never made negative comments about my body. In fact, he supports whatever I wish to do about it. If I’m fine with my body then he says not to worry about, but if I don’t like my body, then he says that I can do something to fix that.

Whether it’s with body image or self-love or any area of personal growth, I think it’s important to have those you love support your journey. It makes the journey less lonely and easier to stay on track. We that accountability.

Yours Truly,
The Sassy Sub Daily

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Personal Growth Matters - Self-Love

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  1. I so agree that if you are trying to grow support from those around you is a must. That is an excellent point to raise
    May xx

    1. Support doesn’t happen at home so it’s always made thing more difficult, but I’m glad this time around I have both Sir and lover who do support me.

  2. We definitely need the support of those we love to go through this, as dieting and changing our habits is definitely not easy. I am watching what I eat and trying to drink more water, and my husband is encouraging me. Without that, I might give up after a day.
    ~ Marie

    1. I think without lover, I might give up. But he was all over me knowing that I was changing my lifestyle haha. That’s motivation in and of itself.

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