Fitness Friday

Fitness Friday Begins

“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.” – John F. Kennedy

I’ve been doing Fantasy Friday just about every Friday since the beginning of this blog. Since January, I’ve only missed one Fantasy Friday, but since tomorrow is the start of August, I’ve decided to take Fridays in a different direction.

Seeing as how my fitness, both physical and emotional, has suffered during lockdown, I will be starting Fitness Friday. Don’t worry, Fantasy Friday will be back sometime in the future. I’ve also been running out of ideas for fantasy pieces and I’ve written quite a lot.


During the holiday season, I told Sir that I was going to keep on training because in a year, I didn’t just want to be his sassy or slutty submissive, but his super sexy submissive. With the lockdown, many gyms have been closed and out boredom, I’ve binged on a lot of junk food.

I’m not getting any younger and my metabolism continues to slow down. My body has gone in the opposite direction than what I had intended. Each week, I tell myself that I’m going to start training again, but I lack the motivation to get started.

In my vanilla life, I used social media as motivation in the past, but I’ve been avoiding my vanilla accounts. So, I need this as motivation and to keep me accountable. I thought about Fitness Friday for a few weeks, but wasn’t sure if I wanted to interrupt Fantasy Friday. But, I’m not happy with my fitness and it’s taking a toll on my health so I really need to do this.


While you won’t get to see me doing any intense training, I will use Fitness Friday to recap what I’ve done. I will also use Fitness Friday, to post a weekly picture of my body.

In previous years, photos have been the most helpful in tracking progress. Scales never take into consideration body fat percentage vs. muscle mass so I stopped relying on that thing years ago. Measurements are great, but sometimes I feel like I’m not measuring in the same exact places so the measurements are off.

I’ll take my photo every Wednesday or Thursday because I post in the mornings and I also work. Having my posts written ahead of time relieves me of a bit of stress in the mornings. The photo will be posted on Friday for Fitness Friday.

Sometimes, the posts may not be about physical fitness as there are more aspects to fitness than just aesthetics.


I know this blog is mostly about sex, so you may be wondering how this will tie into my blog. Well, I want to look and feel sexy and fitness is a part of that process. It’ll help with stamina and better fitness may just mean, I’m showing off my body in a lot more lingerie. I’m sure this will also impact my relationship with Sir and lover…maybe, it’ll arouse them.

So I’ll start off this Friday Friday with this photo. It’s a new lingerie set that lover will get to benefit from.

Yours Truly,
The Sassy Sub Daily

Fitness Friday

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  1. Every time I see posts like this or other people on diets, I feel guilty, because I really need to start doing something too. I am trying, sort of, but lack the determination at this point. But, I will keep on trying. Good luck to you, Sass C!
    ~ Marie

    1. I lack motivation to start, but if I have to document it for others to see, it keeps me in check. I have the mentality that if I don’t do what I said I would then I’ll not only let myself down, but everyone following along.

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