Bound To You

“I’m bound to you, not by ropes and strings, but by hopes and dreams, like the moon is to tides, the Jupiter is to rings, ordained by the physics of everything.” – Sabah Saleem


The first time, I attempted the Shibari Kuma tie, I did it without anything on. Crotch ropes are rather arousing so I wanted to feel the rope rub against my bare cunt. Wetness pooled between my legs from the sensation; it’s a bit of pleasure and a bit of torture at the same time.

I tried to take photos, but they were too explicit so I put on this red dress. But, even just giving a peek of my bare cunt was too explicit.

So I tried again another day.

The good news is that I am not pregnant, but the bad news is that my little female friend made it a bit difficult to take a more appealing photo. If it had not come, I would have worn something lace, but no can do during this time of the month.

I found that the rope at the bottom of my leg kept falling down so I kept pulling it back up over my hip. That didn’t really work; I thought it would catch and hold onto the curve of my hip. But, I guess I’m more rectangular than an hourglass or pear shaped.

Sir had seen the first attempt and the second attempt. Letting him see something explicit isn’t such a big deal because he’s seen my cunt multiple times. He said the second one looked very good.


Being bound by ropes has always been something that arouses me, but it’s just an extra thrill. All the extras that come with D/s relationships have been nice, but not a necessity. But the threads of love that bind my heart to Sir is a must, not an option.

Perhaps, being bound physically is symbolism for the emotional ties I have with Sir. So, we aren’t breaking up, but things will change in our relationship. I couldn’t imagine life without him and I wouldn’t want to submit to anyone else. Forever bound as his submissive. With play or without play, I’m his.

Yours Truly,
The Sassy Sub Daily


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    1. Once, Sir made me tie a knot on my g-string so it would sit on my clit. He made me wear it for over 16 hours. It was torture, but when he finally let me touch myself, it felt so good.

    1. If going to the bathroom wasn’t difficult with this tie, I’d probably try to wear it all day. It’d be torture and pleasure at the same time.

  1. Yes, yes I agree! Crotch ropes are rather arousing hehe, so I get starting without anything on. Sucks that you were on that time of the month. It’s an evil part of a woman’s life. I also had problems with rope falling down because I guess I didn’t tie it tightly enough.

    I’m glad to hear that you aren’t breaking up and are trying to figure things out. I hope it all goes well!

    1. I was once told that subs need to feel wanted and Doms want to feel needed. So play was never the most important thing. Right now, things are looking more like just the emotional/mental side of D/s which I’m okay with because emotionally I need Sir.

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