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Voyeurism – When He Watches Me

If you ever wondered who the random dudes in my Fantasy Friday posts are, you should read the first post in which they appeared, On Display. I think it highlighted one of my kinks which is exhibitionism and in a way, it also brought up voyeurism.


Clay Calvert wrote about Voyeurism and Exhibitionism in The Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice. He stated that both can constitute as psychological issues and criminal offenses. The way he defined these two kinks was as a non-consensual act.

Jonathan Metzl wrote the article, From Scopophilia to Survivor: A Brief History of Voyeurism. He states the following, “Reading against the assumption, common in social science literature, that there are distinct forms of ‘pathological’ and ‘normal’ voyeurism, I argue that medical and popular notions of voyeurism developed in relation to one another in ways that help explain their configuration in the present day.”

Though some view voyeurism and exhibitionism as a criminal act or as something pointing toward psychological issues, I think that in kink it could be something entirely different. While for some, the act of voyeurism or exhibitionism may be non-consensual, when it comes to some in the community it is consensual.

Adult “entertainers” are pretty much exhibitionists and their audience, the voyeurs, are watching willingly. It’s like these entertainers are forcing people to watch them; most people view pornography or go to strip clubs because they want to.


I don’t think voyeurism is really my kink. I hardly watch porn on my own and I’d rather not be in the same room as other people having sex. Watching people have sex doesn’t seem to get me off.

But I will admit that I find photos of bondage and suspension to be breathtaking. I’m not sure if that’s exactly voyeurism.

I’ve mentioned previously that I used to fast forward to sex scenes of movies. And I think that is as voyeuristic as I get. Don’t get me wrong, when Sir or lover showed me their cocks, I loved it as well. But maybe my type of voyeurism isn’t like the definition. Maybe, I only enjoy it when it’s with or for my partner because in that sense, it is very much so consensual.


I think while I may not get off on watching others have sex, I make some contributions to voyeurism. During play, I recorded videos of myself and sent them to Sir. If he watched the videos, then I guess in a sense he would be the voyeur. I’ve also sent him countless nudes

Sir also sometimes sent me links to porn that he wanted me to watch. I’d watch it then he’d ask me questions about it. Maybe it’s to show that I actually watched it, but that can also count as voyeurism.

With lover, when we FaceTime, I masturbate for him. He’s watching me masturbate so I am engaging in exhibitionism and he is engaging voyeurism.

Maybe as a submissive, it is easier to engage in exhibitionism. I prefer being the exhibit rather than the voyeur. Being the exhibit is more humiliating and more degrading and those are for sure my kinks.

This was the outcome of the lesson I explain below.

Sir taught me what I could and could not send to others or post. No face, no identifiable markings, no room decor, and I had to be sure to remove the metadata. Another thing Sir said was that the pictures of myself should leave some mystery at the beginning so he recommended I wear a thong in the first few photos of my ass. Sir knew what men liked to see and also how to keep my identity safe. In a way, it was a lesson in “safe” exhibitionism that voyeur would enjoy seeing.

Yours Truly,
The Sassy Sub Daily

Tell Me About - Voyeurism
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  1. Really interesting read and the image is very cute.

    1. Thank you

  2. so simplistic but effective x

  3. This is a lovely image of you and I love those cute knickers. I found your post really interesting too. We share a lot of the same feelings about kink I think so there was a lot of relate to. I enjoyed reading about some of the history too. Thank you 🙂

    1. Thank you. They’re my special occasion ones haha. Not that lover really notices when I wear something special for him.

      1. He probably thinks you do that all of the time 😊

  4. A very sensual image, and a very interesting read indeed.

    1. Thank you

  5. Love that image, Sass, and enjoyed reading your post 🙂
    ~ Marie

    1. Thanks. It was another photo Sir had told me to take.

  6. I would love to remove that thong.

    1. I believe that. How would you remove my thong? With your hands? Your teeth?

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