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I Love You

This Fantasy Friday post is a bit different. It’s not about Sir this week, but about lover. I love him, so I guess in a way, hearing the words, “I love you,” is a fantasy itself.


There’s a cool breeze on a midsummer’s night. The stars are shining ever so brightly as we sit out on the old deck. It’s his family’s summer home that sits in the middle of nowhere. There’s not much around, but the quiet is beautiful. 

I can hear the cicadas sing with the morning dew and the wind as she whispers in the cool evenings. It’s simple, yet peaceful. 

He reaches to tuck a loose strand of hair behind my ear before he wraps his arm around my back. I lean into him and look up at his face and know he is my forever. 

He kisses my cheek and whispers in my ear, “I love you.” I smile before whispering back that I love him too. 

This is all I’ve wanted and all I’ve needed. Squealing as he picks me up and holds me close to him. “What are you doing love?”

“Taking my girl to bed.” My lips lock with his as he walks into the house. We’re headed to the bedroom and I can’t part my lips from his. This feels like heaven. He places me on the bed and he stares at me in my yellow floral sundress. 

“Beautiful.” He helps me out of my clothes until I’m completely naked. His body is on top of mine as his lips once again meet mine.


He kisses my shoulders. “I love you.” Then he kisses my collarbone. “And I love you.” He sucks on my nipples. “I love you.” His lips travel down my navel. “I love you.” His mouth dives into my cunt. 

My hips buck at the pleasure coursing through me. His tongue licks and flicks my clit. Oh my, I love when he does this. I feel an orgasm coming; my toes curl and my hands grip the sheets. “Oh baby! I love you!” He looks up at me and smiles. 

Not even a minute of rest before he removes his clothing and his skin is upon mine. His cock enters my cunt and he slowly grinds against me. My hands grip his hair. 

Sinful passions coursing through our veins. The summer heat igniting every lustful desire we’ve held. Our bodies rock so in sync like we’re moving as one. Orgasms peak as we are consumed by each other. He nibbles and sucks on my neck and he spills his seed inside me. 

Panting, he collapses onto me. He lies on top of me for a while then rolls over next to me. Propped up on his side, he studies my body intently and notices the mark he left on my neck. He touches my neck and I turn to him, “You’ve etched your love letter onto my skin.”

I kiss his lips and tuck into his side. “Goodnight love.”

He kisses me once more. “Goodnight.”

Just a lady and her lover. 

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Fantasy Friday - I Love You

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