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She Didn’t Close The Door

Luna lived in a small rural town. Everyone knew each other and it felt very safe so it was unlike her to close the door on anything or anyone. Maybe, her own little town had closed the door on outsiders or maybe she was just naive.


Mama never let me close the door of my bedroom growing up. She was afraid of what I’d do behind closed doors so my bedroom door always remained open. Chad would come over after school and she wouldn’t even let him set foot in my bedroom. I think mama was afraid that if a boy was in my room, I’d let him pop my cherry.

It seems like it was just yesterday when mama and I got into that argument. She wanted me to end things with Chad. He was going off to college in Washington D.C. and wanted me to come with him. Mama didn’t like that idea and told me that I was meant to stay back in Hartford as a housewife to someone like Jacob.

I was so mad that day that I stormed into my room. Mama was yelling down the hallway, “Don’t you dare close that door, Luna Mikaela Jordan!” But I slammed the door anyway. That was the last time I closed the door on mama. Chad left me and mama kept me prisoner until pops got sick. Mama finally let me go and I went off to Virginia to take care of him.


It’s been ten years since I moved to pops’ place. He passed away a year ago and left everything to me. Since my dad, his only son, predeceased him, I was the only family he had left. I couldn’t sell the house. It was one door, I refused to close. 

Today, I’ll be driving to Quantico. While living with pops, I went to college and to grad school and now it’s my first day as an analyst with the FBI. 

I walk in and there’s an agent giving a briefing of the raid he and his team participated in the night before. I’m in the back of the room so I can’t exactly hear him, but it’s a voice that I know I’ve heard before. The briefing ends and people clear the room and head back to their work stations. It’s in that moment that I see him; the agent that was giving the briefing was the one and only, Chad. 

At 32 years old, Chad is still the only boyfriend I’ve ever had and I’m still a virgin.

Immediately, a million thoughts run through my head. Is he married? Does he have kids? 

I try to avoid him, but it’s too late; Chad sees me and rushes toward me. His arms wrap around me and he kisses the top of my head just like he used to. “Luna! I can’t believe you’re here.”


It’s been fourteen years since I had to say goodbye to Chad and now, he’s right here and my feelings haven’t changed. All those years ago and I was never quite able to close the door on him. I take in his intoxicating scent as my face is pressed against his chest. He’s a bit buffer now and has a bit of scruff on his face. Chad certainly grew out of his baby face.

“Hey Luna, let’s grab dinner tonight.”

“Oh um, it’s my first day and I just wanted to get settled. How about tomorrow instead?”

“I’m flying out to LA tomorrow to chase a suspect in connection to my case.”

“Oh. Okay then, tonight is fine.”

“Great! I’ll pick you up at 7pm.”

“Sure. I’m living at pops’ place now.”

I go to my desk and write down the address on a slip of paper and hand it to him. 

The day goes by ever so slowly and I finally get home and get ready for dinner. 7pm sharp and Chad is knocking on my door. I open the door and we head to an Italian restaurant a few miles away. 

We eat, drink and reminisce on old times. After dinner, Chad drives me back home and he kisses me at the front door. The kiss grows heated and I let him into the house. We find ourselves naked and making out in bed and I think this will be the night that Chad finally takes my virginity, but his phone rings. 

“Sorry Luna, it’s the boss. I have to take this.”

Chad walks into the bathroom and answers the call. I can hear the conversation through the paper thin walls. 

“Hey baby. No, sorry, I’m still in the office. Love you. Say goodnight to the kids.”

So he is married! And he’s lying to her!

Chad comes back to bed and I immediately cover myself with the sheets. 


“Now, where were we?” I grab his clothes and walk out of the bedroom and throw them out the front door. 

“You were just leaving to go home to your wife and kids!”

Chad’s mouth hangs open knowing that he’s been caught. “I heard every word of your conversation with your wife! Get out!”

“But Luna, I can explain.”

“Get out!”

Chad walks out the door. I didn’t close the door, but I slammed it in his face.

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Wicked Wednesday - Close the Door

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  1. Oh I didn’t see the twist coming in the end, as I thought they would finally be together, but good she slammed the door on him!
    ~ Marie

    1. I wanted to give her a sense of dignity. It may have been the guy she loved since she was a kid, but even then, somethings were just meant to end.

  2. Amazing and powerful piece of writing there sassy – loved it!
    May x

  3. well he should have expected it. he was trying to relive an old flame and how to have a side game going. Good for her, he needed that reality check

  4. I love that she had the confidence to close the door when she needed to.

  5. Posy Churchgate says:

    I understanding her leave the door open (I am a little like that) but am glad she was able to shut it when she needed to. It seems Luna grew up and maintained her dignity – Chad not so much. Great build up and twist.

    1. I think it sort of is a version of myself. I liked a guy when I was younger. We lived far apart so we never saw each again until a few years ago. When that happened, I still liked him. He’d flirt with me then he asked another girl out so I put an end to that.

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