Summer Writing Project

I’m An Animal

“I’m an animal, a freak without warning.” – Far East Movement

Mrs Fever’s current prompt for the Summer Writing Project is ‘Animal’. What came to mind was the Far East Movement song. The song came out in 2009 which was when I was a bit more innocent.


I still remember Far East Movement from before they had gotten really popular. They weren’t even on the radio when I first heard their music. The day their song, ‘Girls On The Dance Floor’, was played on the radio, I was really excited. Finally, the Asian American community had some representation in the music industry for something other than K-pop.

‘Girls On The Dance Floor’ was a song off of their album, ‘Animal’. It even hit the billboard charts. While the song, ‘Animal’ may not have been as popular, it’s the one I remember the most from that album.

I had their CD and would often be singing along, “I’m an a-a-a-a-a animal.” Though, I wasn’t much of one back then. I wasn’t so feral and feisty, but rather innocent.


When the song came out, I was still a virgin. In fact, I didn’t even have my first kiss. At that time, I thought I’d save my first for marriage, but clearly, that didn’t happen.

I was a bit boy crazy because I really wanted a boyfriend; it was as if I had a new crush every week. Maybe, a part of me wanted to unleash my inner animal. She is primal, she is wild and she is free. Perhaps, the goal of finding a boyfriend was to get married young so my curiosities about sex would finally be solved.

But, I couldn’t do it outside of marriage or so be labeled as a pariah. It was wrong and taboo. Sex before marriage was a big no no; it was a sin and if anyone knew about my thoughts about sex, surely, I’d be labeled as a sinner as well.

I wondered what it would be like. Would it hurt and would I freak out when it happened for the first time? Are my insecurities about my body going to impact that first night with my future husband?


How could I be hooked on this song when I had no experience? I didn’t know what it was like to be an animal in bed.

During this time, I’d secretly fast forward and rewind to watch sex scenes of movies. I was curious, but I wasn’t married so I just couldn’t live these things out. So I lived vicariously through the movies, wondering what it would be like to unleash my inner she-wolf.

Yours Truly,
The Sassy Sub Daily

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Summer Writing Project - Animal

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i'm just your average girl with a dirty mind. young, asian and submissive...does that pique your interest? constantly in a battle with myself whether to stay confined by my cultural values or to break free like the freak i am.

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  1. We have all kinds of ideas when we’re that young, don’t we? Adolescents are so full of curiosity. And when sex is taboo in our home/religious/culture, then it becomes more desirable I think.

    1. Haha definitely. It was taboo in my home and now, I’m a freak.

  2. I would love to read how it was for you when you finally unleashed your inner she-wolf 😉
    ~ Marie

    1. I’m considering publishing my Shit List on here in place of Fantasy Friday for a bit to give me a break from having to think of new stories. It tells the story of how I went from “innocent” to a “sexaholic” haha.

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