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To Belong To Him

“I do not need to belong to anyone but myself But I’m choosing to belong to you.” – Marie Jo Schwarz

I think that most people, if not all, have a desire to belong to someone or to something. Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, you most likely have a longing to be a part of something.


I am my own person and I have my own thoughts and opinions. When it comes to my career, I make my own choices. Who I let into my life is also up to me. Therefore, in that sense, I belong to me.


I like how Anna Ronan defines and explains belonging.

“Emotional belonging is not about property, the way a chair belongs to you. It’s about love, about taking something as a part of you. Maybe a chair can belong to you in this sense if it’s, say, your favorite rocking chair from childhood, passed down from your great-great-grandmother, and you polish the wood and resew the cushion yourself, because you love it. Because it’s yours, it’s a part of you.”

There’s an emotional connection with Sir. After seven months of being his sub, he’s a part of my day and I’m a part of his. There’s a sense of belonging there. I am his and I love being his.

My body belongs to him and so does my mind. Sir controls my pleasure as I ask him for permission to squirt and I don’t really touch myself outside of play with Sir. During play, a lot of it is mental so I submit my mind to him as well.

In a D/s sense, I belong to Sir.


In dating and romantic relationships, you often give a part of yourself away to someone else. A piece of your heart, a piece of your identity, a part of your time.

Though lover and I aren’t official as a couple, we’ve been together for six months as of this past Saturday. Six months of dating exclusively, six months of longing, six months of lust and six months of falling in love. We have yet to say, “I love you,” to each other, but I already know that I do love him.

He holds my heart, my love, in his hands. My heart is his and I hope he keeps it forever.

In a romantic sense, I belong to lover.


All in all, I belong to myself, but I can also choose who to give parts of myself away to. I’ve chosen to give my submission to Sir and I’ve chosen to give my heart to lover. I belong to myself, but a part of me also belongs to Sir and lover.

Yours Truly,
The Sassy Sub Daily

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No True Way - Who do you belong to?

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