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Labels of Belonging

The current Tell Me About prompt is ‘Labels’. Labels have never been all that important to me. Similarly, a title at work doesn’t mean much as it’s simply a title and doesn’t reflect my competencies in what I do.

“Definitions belong to the definers, not the defined.” – Toni Morrison

I guess the only meaning labels have to me is when they show a sense of belonging. It must show a specific relationship with another and reflect a form of endearment.


Several months ago, before quarantine, I showed Sir this picture that I saw on Dominant Soul’s blog.

I asked Sir which one I was because I didn’t think any of them were a good fit. Sir told me that he didn’t like these labels as he didn’t want me to conform to something I wasn’t just to fit into a cookie cutter mould.

I’ve never felt like I needed to change. While Sir has helped me become a better version of myself, he hasn’t pressured me into changing into a completely different person. I am his submissive and I think that’s the only label that I really need in our relationship. It shows a sense of belonging as I’m not just any submissive, but I am uniquely his.

Other labels used at some point in our relationship are his personal jap porn slut or his fucktoy or fuckpig. Fucktoy and fuckpig are rarely used and only tend to be used during playtime to humiliate me.


I am the sassy sub and I guess that is a label, but it also came about because idiotic men wouldn’t leave me alone. So, I pretty much bit their heads off. Sir warned them that I bite, but they kept making stupid requests to the point where it was nearly harassment. They told me that I was sassy for a submissive and I guess that I am, but with Sir, I lose the sass. I’m Sir’s submissive alone, but I’m sassy toward the meanies of the world.

I also use his a lot. His slut, his property, his play thing, his cunt. It slaps a label on me that I belong to Sir. That’s all I want…to belong.

The rest doesn’t really matter to me. You can label me as a dancing green gremlin and it wouldn’t phase me much. There are only certain labels that matter to me and those show where I belong. If someone wants to label me as something offensive, I don’t really care. Jap is an offensive and racial slur, but if someone called me a Jap, it wouldn’t bug me like it would bug others. It doesn’t mean I sympathize with racism, it just means that I have bigger things to worry about than what someone calls me.


As I said before, the only labels I really want are ones that show belonging. I long to be his submissive forever.

Outside of D/s, I long to be labeled: girlfriend and one day, fiancé, wife, mom. Not just to anyone, but I hope that lover will one day make me his girlfriend. There’s that pronoun again…I long to belong to someone else.

Many women refuse the prefix, Mrs. I heard some women say that it is because it refers to Mister’s or Mr.’s. It denotes that the woman becomes the property of the husband once they wed. However, when I’ve looked into the history of the word, Mrs. and Miss were both shortened forms of Mistress, which is no longer used to address your everyday woman because it is associated with a woman having an affair with a married man. Likewise, Mr. was the shortened form of Master instead of Mister.

Despite the thought that Mrs. is actually Mr.’s, I’d still like that label one day. It wouldn’t bug me if I was seen as Mr.’s because again, it would show that I belong to someone else. While I am my own person, the need for the inclusiveness of belonging to someone just reinforces my submissive nature.

Yours Truly,
The Sassy Sub Daily

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  1. Sir sounds like an amazing fit for you🙏🏼 that’s wonderful

    1. Yes, I think he’s the perfect Dom for me and I wouldn’t want to submit to anyone else, but him.

  2. I so agree with you here 😄
    I am married and I did take on my husband’s last name. And now that I know Mrs is short for Mistress, I’m even more proud of it 😂
    I like the image, but I guess it’s more for fictional characters than real life. I know some people do, but I guess it’s not that feasible for daily life.

    Thanks for your interesting post 😄

    1. Haha. I think I’ll spring it on my friends. I’ll start calling them Mistress so and so and see how they react.

      When I was younger, a username of mine started with Mistress. I was like 12 years old haha. I had no idea that many saw it in a sexual context.

  3. I so agree that this is the only D/s label needed and I feel the same. I didn’t like the set types as I didn’t feel that I fitted well either. I like the history of Mr and Mrs though and they way that you have applied it to future labels. Great post and thank you for linking up 🙂

    1. I kept thinking that Mrs. was Mr.’s for so long because of what many radical feminists told me, but when I saw what the real history of Mr. and Mrs. was, I was rather intrigued.

  4. This is a beautiful post, and like you, all I want to do is to belong to someone. I carry my husband’s last name, because I chose to do so and want people to know I belong to him.
    ~ Marie

    1. Hopefully, one day, I’ll take on another name. Hopefully, that name will be lover’s last name.

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