Sir and sass, Wicked Wednesday

Written Language – A Story of Our D/s Dynamic

Sir seduced me with written language alone and it’s most likely because I’ve always loved reading and writing. We’ve never talked on the phone and sometimes, not being able to hear his voice makes me a bit disappointed.


Let me take you through a thread in which Sir and I went back and forth using written language. It’s what intrigued me and led me to messaging him. If it wasn’t for written language, I never would have become his submissive. This was a rhyming couplets thread spanning over a couple of months.


s: Lying naked in bed,
I ponder the words that were said.

R: The image of that now circle in my head
With perverted fantasies left unsaid

s: Curiosity of where things would go,
I wouldn’t allow myself to say no.

R: Who knows if those fantasies might be put to the test
Either to fail and burn, or rise above the rest

s: Your lips trailing along my bare skin,
Is this bliss or is this my biggest sin?

R: Getting all that you crave through the night
That prohibited orgasm, dangling within sight

s: Your caress was my downfall
With one touch, I was at your beck and call

R: Camel toe sans panties, sandals on your feet
Until that crotch is wet, you must roam the street

s: Your words are like daggers piercing my soul,
With a slip of the hand, fingers penetrate my hole.

R: That moment, when your mind and body are fused
Like the slut that you are, you deserve to be used

s: So with pleasure, I give you control
I trust you so pick any hole

R: I choose the anus, even though it will hurt,
Rough use of your hole will make you squirt

s: Yes Sir, I’ll listen, you know that I am yours
With just one command, I’ll drop on all fours

R: Led by a leash, with a collar around your neck
To be paraded naked, to the crowd on the deck

s: Where you lead me, I’ll follow, you know that it’s true
Because my obedience to you is nothing new

R: Humiliated, but aroused through pain and hurt
You know very well, what makes you squirt

s: To your commands, I do subscribe
Even if it means, to work, I must wear a WeVibe

R: Even when you must sit still,
WeVibe buzzes, against your will

s: I squirm and I squirm and my mouth starts to repeat my begs
From the sensation of this little knot sitting in the slit between my legs

R: It’s a tiny little secret that you were hiding at work
And the squirming would have seemed like just a little a quirk

s: In desperation to cum, I showed you my face
Completely naked before you, my heart started to race

R: What happened next was not your choice
At least the neighbors slept through the noise

s: I came and I came
As I screamed out your name

R: Screaming and squirming, cumming like a slut
For a role in a Jap porno, you’d surely make the cut

s: My fate, you will determine
Possibly including being raped by a German

R: You couldn’t possibly imagine the kind of torture
That could be enacted, in the near term future

s: I know Sir that I am yours to be used
Forever my torturer, forever your abused

R: Let’s make sure not a day goes by
Without the wetness dripping down your thigh

s: You know very well that I’m always wet
And how to squirt, I will never forget

R: Well, there is a lot more to do
The SHS is still only two

s: I am your dirty little jap girl
Please come take me and make my toes curl

R: Everywhere, in traffic or at work
In every little motion, surprises lurk

s: My panties are destroyed, my pussy is dripping wet
This is probably the most challenging thing you’ve thrown at me yet.

R: You have no idea how crazy it will get
In the words of the Gipper, “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet”

s: I know that you’ll torment me until I surrender
But I’m still glad I decided to prove my gender

R: Terms of surrender will be negotiated in time
In words that will flow, coalesce, and rhyme

s: You know that I’m yours, my body and mind
For a man who stimulates the brain is hard to find

R: Brain is the key to both pleasure and hurt
You found that out when you learned how to squirt

s: Aren’t you glad I’m not another bimbo with no brain
I know that would probably drive you insane

R: Time for me to sleep, tomorrow’s another day
Let’s hope we can reach, the thing for which you pray

s: I trust that you’ll take me for a ride
Just as you’ve become one in whom I confide

R: I will, soon as you’ll close the door
On your dearly beloved auntie Flo

s: Sitting here waiting at the edge of seat
Expectantly awaiting for the day when that big O we’ll meet

R: Pump up the volume, lock the door,
Plug in the WeVibe and you’re good to go

s: I love when you play with me like you’re fingering the chords of a violin
Standing in a club in a dress with my legs spread to let your fingers slip in

R: Next time when I am fingering that f-string
Who knows what kind of music it may bring

s: You Sir make me so wet and horny
I’m afraid my rhyme might sound a little corny

R: I doubt that your words may even rhyme
When you get the message, “cunt, it’s time”

s: When that time comes, I’ll shout in Japanese
More more more, please sir please

R: Will you scream when you fall off the chasm
Of that sweet overdue orgasm?

s: Sir, you know I’d do whatever you want
As you take me on this grand jaunt

R: When your clit is throbbing and your cunt’s on fire
I’ll turn you in to a stripper for hire

s: You know I like being your private whore
To the point where I offer you my precious backdoor

R: Now that you know how to orgasm without fear
I sincerely wish you a happy new year

s: A happy new year to the only Dom for me
Because of our playtimes, I will enter 2020 with glee

R: What I wish for you, since you don’t like sweets,
Is to have more time to drench your sheets

s: Tangled in the sheets and waiting for your invasion
My holes are yours to use no matter the occasion

R: If the guardians are near and time is tight
Put on your gag and orgasm tonight

s: Your sassy sub until the end of time
On the mountain of ecstasy, we shall climb

R: Now that you know how to orgasm at will
There’s only one barrier remaining still

s: I’m on my knees praying for forgiveness for my sass
Because of my “sin” Sir, will you be punishing my ass?

R: Just when you thought it’s safe to ask
You get in return, a lesbian club task


Sir is an amazing writer and it’s often all we have during playtime. While written language is how Sir seduced me, I often wish to hear his voice. I wonder what it sounds like. A while ago, I told Sir that I imagine his voice when he writes and in my head, he has a sexy accent (he’s European) and he has a deep commanding voice.

I wish that I could experience Sir in person so I can truly offer him my body and mind. Written communication was fine at first, but it led to an aching for even more.

Yours Truly,
The Sassy Sub Daily

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Wicked Wednesday - Written Language
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  1. I so get how written words can lead to that aching for more, which on one hand shows how well the written language works and on the other shows the lack of a certain intimacy they have. You are right though, he is a good writer and your communications were so poetic.

    1. I think, sometimes, maybe women ache for more with written words than men do. While Sir admits that books (written language) with vivid imagery can create opportunities for the imagination, I feel as though my aching for more is greater than his. It seems as though he’s content with just written communication (and nudes haha).

      1. Oh, I think you might be right. That’s interesting, isn’t it? Though maybe it also depends on the individual. Very interesting

  2. I really enjoyed the texts between the two of you. So sexy, and I can see how he seduced you with his writing. Brilliant!
    ~ Marie

    1. Thank you. If only the texts could come to life haha. We also had a lot of back and forth using just 16 characters at a time. It was interesting.

  3. the written word and our imagination make things exciting as much as the real world can. the voice in your head might not sound like his real voice at all but the words he uses seduce you all the same.

    1. Yes, definitely. I had told Sir what I thought he sounded like. He neither confirmed or denied it so I guess it will forever remain a mystery.

  4. Wow – this is brilliant – and what fun u had with it too
    May x

    1. Thank you. It’s one of the things that attracted me to Sir so much.

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