Tie Me Up Tuesday

Time to Face the Facts

Tie Me Up Tuesday’s prompt is a head cage tutorial by the Two Knotty Boys. I guess it falls in the category of face bondage. I was excited to try it and even made sure I had something to hide my face.


Today marks seven months of belonging to Sir. It is now a longer relationship than the one I had with my ex…thank goodness. Sir means so much to me and I don’t know what I’d do without him. Was I even living before I became his submissive?

I like to do things in an attempt to impress him even though I know Sir accepts me as I am. It’s just nice doing things that may entice him because I really want to see him face to face.

When I show Sir my self-ties, I hope that it entices him more. So, I attempted the head cage in hopes that the finished product would impress him. But, it just didn’t turn out the way I planned.


I used my red rope and tried to fit in under my chin, but when I pulled it up to my nose, the rope would not stay in place. After 20 minutes of trying to fit the rope, I said screw it. I held the rope under my chin with one hand and used the other hand to measure where the double coin knot would go. This knot was a bit tricky and took me several attempts as I’m a perfectionist and didn’t like how it looked.

I got the knot in place and once again, held the rope in place under my chin while I used the other hand to measure where the next knot would go behind my head. Having tied the first knot, this knot didn’t take so long. The rest of the head cage would have to be done while on my face so I put on my neck gaiter to conceal my identity and placed the rope on my face. It fit around my head, but under the chin was still an issue so I used tape.

The tape wouldn’t stick and I found that having the rope in place under the chin was crucial for completely the tie. At that point, over an hour passed and I had to cut my losses.

This was as far as I got.


I showed Sir what was happening and he said that it didn’t seem like this tie would be workable. But needing to do something, I tried I different a head bondage. Again, it was an epic fail as my hair kept getting tangled in the rope. I tried to use a thinner yarn thinking that maybe my rope was too thick, but it didn’t really help.

Maybe, face and head bondage isn’t meant for me. I admitted this to Sir and said that maybe I should just stick to tying the rest of my body.

I decided to send this drawing to Sir. Since, I couldn’t complete the tie on myself, I imagine it would look something like this. Drawing on my phone took me just as long as I did trying to do the self-tie haha.

Yours Truly,
The Sassy Sub Daily

Tie Me Up Tuesday - Face Bondage

sass c.

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  1. Keep trying! Never give up💪🏼you’ll get there! Your pic of the head cage fail is still beautiful! Mysterious…

    1. Thanks. Perhaps, I’ll try again one day.

  2. Lol I’m so scared of doing this tie now. I thought it would be easy but it sounds really hard. Again, I’m impressed with how you don’t give up easily and while it didn’t work out, you decided to do something else instead. I love the drawing you made. I wish I could do that.
    Hopefully the new prompt will be a bit easier, lol

    1. Haha. Have you tried it yet? I’m curious to see everyone else’s process of doing the tie.

      1. I tried making the knot yesterday but failed so have to give it another go today lol!

  3. I like that you did a drawing instead. At least your mind was focused on the tie 😉
    ~ Marie

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