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Writing A User Manual

This weekend, Sir gave me the task of writing a user manual for myself. It was to be written as if I was a sex toy and it needed to explain how to use me for pleasure. Sir also said that I was to refer to myself (the product) as it. So, I looked up how to write one as I wanted it to seem more professional.

I showed Sir the user manual and he approved of it. He said I could post in on my blog.


Thank you for choosing the sassy sub 1.0. It is the first of its kind. A sex toy designed to please those who own it no matter if the owner is male or female. You can program it to obey your commands via voice or text.

It has three pleasure holes for its owner to enjoy. The sassy sub 1.0 is a submissive sex toy that may talk back, but its owner can easily command it to shut up. It is a life size fuckdoll with very real curves for its owner to touch and caress. This toy has one purpose and that is to please its owner. 

The sassy sub 1.0 comes naked, but it can be easily styled to your preference. Keep it naked, add some lingerie, or even have it fully dressed…it will give you a sex toy experience you will never forget. It is quite a slutty little toy. 

The sassy sub 1.0 is a product of Japan, but is popular in the US and Europe. It is considered a smart toy and compatible with modern technology.


Programming it is rather easy. Once you have claimed it as your own, mark it by filling out your information on the ID tag. The ID tag looks like a bracelet, but contains a computer chip that communicates with the toy’s hardware. 

Download the sassy sub 1.0 app from the App Store or from Google Play. It will prompt you to enter the toy’s ID number. From there, you can add voice cues so the toy responds to your verbal commands. The app will also allow you to text your commands to the toy. 

Cooking, cleaning, and even sex. This toy was designed to be programmed to meet your every need. 


Enter your command and the toy will obey. It does not recognize commands that are unrelated to sexual, kinky, or domestic needs. The toy will not fly nor will it jump off roofs. This toy was designed to please, but also recognizes situations harmful to it. 

Kitchen, bedroom, or even outdoors…this toy will serve you and be ready for use. 

Learning about how to use its pleasure holes will help increase your enjoyment. 

The Mouth

The sassy sub 1.0 has a mouth that will keep you entertained. It will speak to you about nearly any topic you fancy. The toy can also be programmed to speak different languages. English is the default language, but if you’re interested in Japanese porn, it can certainly speak to you in Japanese as well. It can learn new languages as it is connected to the internet. 

This toy’s lips are quite plump allowing it to add just the right amount of pressure if you command it to suck cock. It can deep throat too. If you do not wish to voice a command first, it will respond by force. Simply, grab its head and push its face into a cock and it will start to lick and suck the cock enthusiastically. 

It also has an impeccable tongue so it can makeout with you and play tonsil hockey. The sassy sub 1.0 will also eat out a woman’s cunt. It will lick and play with a woman’s clit if commanded. 

The Cunt

The sassy sub 1.0 is a female so of course it has a cunt. Its cunt is tight, warm, and very wet. Say goodbye to your ordinary fleshlights and inflatable sex dolls because this fuckdoll does not feel like plastic. 

It will take cocks of all shapes and sizes. Name the position and it will be ready to be fucked. Whether it be gentle or rough, it will be ready to fuck. 

It tastes like a real cunt with a hint of citrus. If you’ve never seen a woman squirt before, you’ll have your chance with this fuckdoll. It squirts when its owner gives it permission to do so. Cocks, strap-ons, tongues, fingers, vibrators, other phallic shaped items…this cunt will take them all. 

If you’re wondering how to get it to squirt, fingers work best. Finger it until the legs start to shake a bit. It will beg its owner to let it squirt and when permission is granted, it’ll squirt. The amount of squirt will range from a small trickle to a puddle. 

The Ass

The sassy sub 1.0 has a plump ass. It is perfect to grab onto and can be spanked and fucked. Its ass is even tighter than its cunt to be prepared to cum quicker than you normally do. 

You can bend it over an armrest or have it on all fours in the bed. It is versatile in the positions it can be bent in. 

Just because it is a fuckdoll, doesn’t mean you can forego the lube. Not using enough lube can lead to a less enjoyable time for you and damage to this particular pleasure hole. 


The sassy sub 1.0 self-cleans for the most part. It can be washed with water and a mild soap.

This fuckdoll responds well to cuddles and kisses. It is not a toy for just anyone as it requires much attention. But, it will remain loyal to its owner and serve its owner lovingly.


It was a bit difficult for me to write. It me a full day to write it because I didn’t even know where to start. I wanted it to be more technical like an actual user manual, but I couldn’t find the technical jargons to speak about myself.

At least, Sir said, “Very good,” when he read it. My main concern is being able to please him with what I write and the with photos I take.

I wonder what the toy reviewers will think as I don’t even know how I’d rate myself in one of my own reviews.

Yours Truly,
The Sassy Sub Daily

Adventures of Sir and sass - User Manual

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  1. I think it must be so difficult to write a manual about yourself, but at the same time it’s such a good exercise. If I have to do it, it will take me some time to know where to begin, if I ever get to begin with it 😉
    I really like yours!
    ~ Marie

    1. My screen was blank for the longest time. I didn’t know what to write haha.

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