Sir, where are you?
Fantasy friday

Where Are You?

I’ve kind of lost my interest in The Quarantine plot. It was a struggle to write for Fantasy Friday these past few weeks. Not being able to finish a project is something that bugs me. So I put a lot of thought into what I was going to do with the future of The Quarantine and ultimately decided to table it for the time being. With that being said, this week is a bit darker and I wrote something called, ‘Where Are You?’


“Sir, Sir, where are you?”

It’s dark and cold. I grip the sheets as I toss about. The nightmare persists. I can feel Sir pull me close to him, but I can’t seem to wake up. 

Running. I’m trapped in this dream. The demon is chasing me and I’m trying to find Sir. I need him. He always protects me. 

The fog is rolling in and I feel a chill down my spine. “Sir, where are you? I need you.”

I have to keep moving; faster and faster, it’s a never ending street. Where am I going? Who will save me?

Enslaved by my fear, the terror ensues. “Sir, Sir, I really need you.”

I can feel him squeeze me tight and kiss my head, but my slumber continues to have a hold on me. 

Alone. I am afraid. My heart races. Bah bump bah bump. 

I look back and it’s getting closer. It’s as black as the void, swallowing everything it touches. The void is erasing the world and it’s cherished memories. 

I can’t keep running. I’m tired and I don’t have it in me. Turning around, I stop to give up. My feet are planted on the ground; I’m no longer moving. I stand there; there’s no life around me. Ready for the nothingness, the void surrounds me. 

It’s as if I’m floating around a black hole. One by one, my demons attack. Fear, anxiety, guilt, loneliness, and sadness consume me.

Tears fill my eyes. The memories, the pain, they’re too much to take. “Sir, Sir, where are you?”

My eyes open. Light fills the room. Sir wipes the tears from my eyes. 

Entranced by the nightmare, caught up in my own mind.

I am darkness; I am light. I’m morning and I’m night. I’ve known pain, but I’ve known joy. Weak, but strong…I put up a hell of a fight. Sassy and submissive. I need you, but can also stand on my own two feet. 

Sir holds me close and whispers in my ear. “Where were you?”

It’s not a fantasy in a traditional sense, but it shows a longing. Longing for his closeness and his protection, I need his affection and his attention. His control and his comfort are what I crave.

Yours Truly,
The Sassy Sub Daily

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Sir, where are you?

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