Erotic Poetry Challenge

Temptations – When Lust Rises

Brigit Delaney’s current theme for The Erotic Poetry Challenge is Poems as Inspiration. This week’s prompt is the poem, Harlem Dancer by Claude McKay. Reading her poem, I thought of temptations that rise when a seductive woman has a hold on her audience.

Merriam-Webster defines ‘temptation’ as:
1. the act of tempting or the state of being tempted especially to evil ENTICEMENT
2. something tempting a cause or occasion of enticement


Beauty and seduction was her best trait
Men worshiped her as they fell at her feet
Behold the siren, they suffered great fate
Temptations formed from the moment they meet

From the shore she sings her sensual song
Beckoning him closer, he hears the call
He’s aroused as she dances in her thong
His desire grows, he can’t resist the fall

An innocence tainted in lustrous sin
The darkness of night, she felt warm his breath
His hands on her waist, his heat grew within
She moved her hips, sang him to his death

Sin on sin, temptations will again rise
But I’m the siren, seducing your eyes


I thought of a temptress as she calls out to another man. Sometimes, our temptations lure us to our demise. Gamblers find themselves tempted by money and greed and sometimes those temptations lead them to financial turmoil (in a sense, financial death). Those who cheat may find themselves tempted by lust or the possibility of finding someone better, but sometimes, the temptation lead them to failed relationships and unhappiness (death of a relationship).

Temptations lure us in. They make things look appealing, but often times, they leave us in despair.

In this poem, I tried to write a sonnet. I found it difficult to write in iambic pentameter as it’s not the normal style I write in. It wasn’t the first time I wrote a poem about a siren. In December, I had pictured myself as a siren and wrote a poem to coincide. I may have posted it on here before, but I can’t remember. Perhaps, I’ll post it again one day.

Yours Truly,
The Sassy Sub Daily

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Erotic Poetry Challenge - Temptations

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  1. Very nice images! So glad to have you participate!

  2. And I love how it doesn’t smack you in the face with “I am a sonnet…see my rhyme and meter roar!” It flows naturally!

    1. Thank you. I was literally counting the syllables of each line with my fingers haha.

  3. I do the same!

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