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Her Sexual Independence

“Independence …. is loyalty to one’s best self and principles, and this is often disloyalty to the general idols and fetishes.” – Mark Twain

It was home, but to Sarah Jenks it felt like a prison. Her parents constantly tried to force her into a relationship with Brad Porter. Brad worked for her father and came from a pretentious family. Most girls would have swooned over Brad, but Sarah was never attracted to him. Then the night finally came when enough was enough. Much to Sarah’s surprise, Mr. and Mrs. Jenks had announced the engagement of Sarah and Brad. Sarah would not be subjected from prison to the next so she ran away. She needed to be free. She needed independence. 

Sarah took off with whatever she could fit in her car. She drove from her parent’s mansion in Scarsdale, New York and found herself in Los Angeles, California. 

Sarah booked a room at a hotel and got settled in. She was glad that she had her own money from working as an editor. Finally free from the hold her parents had on her, she decided to celebrate. Longing for a taste of independence, she went to the hotel bar. 

“Gin and tonic, please.”

The bartender winked at her and prepared her drink. “Here you are, miss.” In most girls’ eyes, he may be pretty cute, but Sarah was not attracted to the bartender. 

With her drink in hand, Sarah began swaying her hips to the music. She was actually free! Across the room, a petite redhead noticed Sarah. Sarah was a brunette with a curvy figure. She had a rather sweet face, but her body screamed sexual goddess. 

The redhead approached Sarah and tapped her on the shoulder. Sarah turned around and locked eyes with the redhead and instantly felt her body on fire with lust. 

“Hi, I’m Lauren.” 

Sarah noticed her piercing green eyes and the way her tight dress hugged her body. Lauren’s dress dipped a bit lower and exposed her cleavage. Sarah found herself fantasizing about Lauren in a way she never had about men. 

“Hi, I’m Sarah.”

“Um, do you want to dance?”


Sarah set down her drink and they began to grind on each other. The sexual tension was clear as their hands began roaming each other’s bodies. In that moment, Sarah realized the reason why she was never interested in Brad or any other man her parents tried to set her up with. She knew that she liked women. 

Lauren turned Sarah around so they were face to face and went in for the kiss. The kiss turned heated. Sarah’s tongue slipped into Lauren’s mouth. 

They stopped momentarily to catch their breaths. “Umm, Lauren, would you want to come up to my room?”

Lauren kissed Sarah and nodded her head. 

They headed toward the elevator and once inside, they began kissing again. The kissing grew more passionate as they got out of the elevator.

They barely made it inside the room door and Lauren began removing Sarah’s clothes. Sarah was naked in front of Lauren and she wasn’t embarrassed. In fact Sarah’s arousal was growing. 

Lauren sat on the bed. “Come here.”

Sarah walked over to Lauren and got on her knees. She began kissing and massaging Lauren’s legs. “Can I help you undress?”

Lauren nodded her head. Sarah began undressing Lauren until she was only in her panties. 

“Lie on the bed.” 

Sarah got onto the bed and lied down. Lauren removed her panties and straddled Sarah’s face. She lowered herself and Sarah’s tongue began to explore Lauren’s pussy. At 25 years old, it was Sarah’s first time being intimate with a woman or anyone at all. 

She found that she loved the taste of pussy and it aroused her even more. Lauren bent over and aligned her face with Sarah’s pussy and they began to 69. Sarah was already wet for Lauren. Lauren lapped her up until they came together. 

Sarah and Lauren cuddled that night. Their naked bodies in constant contact. Sarah finally had a taste of independence. She finally had sexual independence.

The End

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  1. What a way to celebrate her freedom!

    1. It was partially about my own feelings. Repressed by family and not being able to fully own my sexuality.

  2. I really like how you have build this story, and how she discovered more about herself, and gained her independence 🙂
    ~ Marie

    1. Thank you. If only that sort of independence was possible for everyone…

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