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My Space Is Also His Space

The current prompt for Mrs Fever’s Summer Writing Project is ‘Space.’ What first popped into my head was Taylor Swift’s Blank Space. I decided against that because I’d rather not have lover’s name take up a blank space. Then, I thought about the movie Space Jam, but what would I write about that. So in honor of today, Independence Day, I write about a Fourth of July experience.


I had seen beautiful images of space before. I’ve even viewed space through one of the biggest telescopes at an observatory. I was had a fascination with astronomy and outer space was something that intrigued me. Always wondering what’s really out there and amazed by the complexities of the universe.

This Fourth of July is different than all others. I’m stuck at home and most firework shows have been cancelled due to COVID-19.

I remembered one year, I was at the beach. It wasn’t crowded because it was a private beach at a resort. An old man had shown me photos of fireworks and starry skies earlier in the day. He told me to try taking them with my camera so I sat on the beach looking up at the sky. Fireworks were going off and I tried to take the photos. They wouldn’t come out because my lens was not good enough for those sorts of shots.

So instead, I just looked at the illuminated sky and wondered about all the galaxies in the universe. I wondered what it would look like if I could actually capture images of the the galaxy with my own camera.

Sitting on the beach, I thought to myself that no matter where anyone was, they were looking at the same moon. Space is still a very much unknown frontier, but yet it’s something common between all of us. Whether you live in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Pacific or in one of the Americas, we all share the same sky. Space doesn’t belong to anyone country.


Without any fireworks this year, I won’t go outside to watch the fireworks. I won’t be looking up at the night sky, but I’ll remember the years in the past in which I did. I’ll watch the firework show on TV and know that each time I do actually look at the sky, Sir looks at the same sky too. It makes it feel like he’s a little less far from me. Knowing that we look at the same moon, makes me feel a bit closer to him even know he’s a million miles away. My space is also his space.

This poem is first seen in I Like It Rough.

Yours Truly,
The Sassy Sub Daily

Image: Pexels

Summer Writing Project - Space

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  1. Capturing fireworks on camera is difficult. But I’ve had a few turn out. 🙂

    The idea of sharing space – the moon, the stars, the galaxy kind of space – is kind of a relief sometimes, I think. And it’s also a reminder of how small we are.

    1. Definitely. It’s as if space is the only place where there is peace amongst all nations.

  2. It’s such a special thing to look at the same moon and sky, and feel closer together. As Mrs Fever said, it also reminds us of how small we are. Nice post, Sass 🙂
    ~ Marie

    1. Yes, even thousands of miles away, we’re still of the same world. I think that in itself should bring a sense of togetherness.

  3. With many things in life i think it is so much better to take the picture with your mind as you watch and take in the experience as a whole – i have a very visual mind – so when i think back to most things – memories – i see them as an image
    May x

    1. Definitely. My memories are like videos stored in my mind. But I also find it nice to be able to share with others pictures and videos.

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